fair sex

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If you will accept me as champion of the fair sex, I am at your disposal.
Chichely, whose study of the fair sex seemed to have been detrimental to his theology.
I hope the gen'lmen and der fair sex will scuse my usin' an or'nary sort o' 'parison.
Miss Snevellicci's papa being greatly exalted by this triumph, and incontestable proof of his popularity with the fair sex, quickly grew convivial, not to say uproarious; volunteering more than one song of no inconsiderable length, and regaling the social circle between-whiles with recollections of divers splendid women who had been supposed to entertain a passion for himself, several of whom he toasted by name, taking occasion to remark at the same time that if he had been a little more alive to his own interest, he might have been rolling at that moment in his chariot-and-four.
Now, Watson, the fair sex is your department," said Holmes, with a smile, when the dwindling frou-frou of skirts had ended in the slam of the front door.
Every year on March 8, International Women's Day is observed and celebrated throughout Pakistan as elsewhere in the world highlighting fair sex concerns, issues, problems and rights by organizing exhibitions, seminars, symposiums and organizing other events in the public and private sectors.
The spectra of factors leading to the gruesome end of the persons of fair sex, a number of reasons were quoted by the respondents during the survey conducted by the organisation that included the fast changing social values, forced marriage, stringent social norms, negligence by parents and strict tribal system.
Who Runs The World is not a political question - it's a positive celebration of the fair sex performed by 16 of Thailand's most stunning Lady Boys at the unique specially created Thai Pavilion in the heart of Newcastle.
Fair Sex (Les Maneges Humains, 2012) was the first feature film by Martin Laroche, a young Quebec filmmaker.
Throughout world literature, women are referred to as the gentle sex, the loyal sex, the fair sex, and the like.
Parties claiming to place women on equal pedestal with men often end up giving left-handed compliment to the fair sex with disparaging remarks against them.
Today the country is on the edge of an abyss: the installation of a mendacious and cathartic fair sex Chancellor in the patriarchal society of the last frontier.
And he admitted he gets anxious when it comes to the fair sex.
Hipolito Castillo of Silay chimed in, saying: 'Beauty is not confined only to those of the fair sex, therefore it would be unjust and unfair if we were to deny our brothers the joy of being honored by public recognition as a handsome man.
The microfinance leaders should look into the reasons why despite this universal dominance of patriarchy, some societies are less discriminative against fair sex than the others.