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(American football) a catch of a punt on the fly by a defensive player who has signalled that he will not run and so should not be tackled

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Stewart admits: "It seemed like a fair catch and it was only when he was walking off that one or two of the lads told me it might have been a bump ball.
With the banning of the fair catch also comes protection for punt returners in the form of a five-yard protective "halo" by potential tacklers until the punt is caught, and members of the kicking team will not be able to release from the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.
It was snared by her maid of honor, Jeannine Auger, but let's just say she didn't have to call for a fair catch.
In the First Test in Brisbane, Ponting voiced his frustration over video referrals when England opener Alastair Cook refused to walk after Ponting took what he claimed was a fair catch low to the ground.
Sydney, Nov 30(ANI): Australian skipper Ricky Ponting has branded the TV referral system as 'a blight on the game' after being denied what he considered was a fair catch in the drawn first Test of the Ashes series.
Instead, it took an incredible coaching gaffe by BYU's Bronco Mendenhall, which followed an ill-advised decision to fair catch a punt on BYU's own 5-yard line with 19 seconds remaining in the first half.
After those are completed, he will alternate fair catch and return.
It was taken at ground level, but David Shepherd confirmed it was a fair catch - mainly because he could only refer it if he and Bowden were unsighted.
He's averaging 33 yards on three kick returns in the playoffs, but hasn't done much on punt returns other than to generally decline to call for a fair catch in obvious situations.
This kid can fly," Phil Knight said as he stopped in the press box to watch Nelson make a fair catch on his first chance for a return.
After play, Hauritz said he had no doubts that he got his fingers underneath the ball and had claimed a fair catch.
Returner Terrence Austin signaled for a fair catch on a punt return, but when the ball bounced, it hit UCLA's Michael Norris in the helmet.
BRIDGEWATER CANAL: Lymm Village has shown some form with skimmer bream on punch bread, while the sheltered waters at London Bridge and Runcorn town continue to provide fair catch returns of roach and skimmers.
The view has been offered that Jones believed it was a fair catch because it is more difficult to be certain about whether a ball has carried if the catcher is wearing wicketkeeping gloves with straps and webbing.
There was one delicious moment of black comedy when Matthew Hoggard refused to walk after slicing Blignaut to Dion Ebrahim at backward point, appeared to get the benefit of the doubt from TV umpire Neil Mallender, although it looked a fair catch to the naked eye.