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Synonyms for faintness

a feeling of faintness and of being ready to swoon

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the property of being without strength

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barely audible

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the trait of lacking boldness and courage

the quality of being dim or lacking contrast

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Sandham was advertising Phosferine as a tonic for "debility, nerve shock, lassitude, faintness and brain fag".
So the faintness of that kind of star in a distant galaxy indicates how far away the galaxy is.
And the third patient, a 46-year-old, whose allegations will still be considered, said she went to see Phillips in 1990 when she suffered from disturbed vision, faintness and headaches.
At the same time, the faintness of the wave indicates that the G fragment triggered the ripple when it exploded higher in the planet's atmosphere, he says.
Symptoms include sweating, faintness, and palpitations resulting from the rapid passage of food from the stomach into the upper intestine.
On our map, which shows stars to about the faintness limit of a suburban sky, the bucket or square contains only two dim stars (below the label "Square").
They include muscle tension, invol-untary teeth clenching, nausea, blurred vision, rapid eye movement, faintness and chills or sweating.
The faintness of the galaxy in the infrared, its brightness at radio wavelengths, and the detection in visible light of what appears to be the redshifted glow of hydrogen gas all indicate that the team sees the galaxy as it appeared when the universe was just 8 percent of its current age, Rawlings says.
This glorified relative of a Bunsen burner, however, ranks second only to Sextans in faintness in Michael E.
Chief executive Dr Nigel Carter said, "If you are going to have any reaction to local anaesthetic it would be instant, as you are given it, and that would obviously be the adrenaline causing faintness.
The infrared faintness of many of the galaxies led Cowie's team to assume that they were very distant.
Feelings of nausea and the desire to be sick accompanied by feelings of dizziness, faintness and weakness.
The primary Appears orange, and the 9th-magnitude secondary 55" to its south looks distinctly reddish orange despite its faintness.
The relative faintness of these emissions all but guaranteed that a radio telescope would not have spotted the remnant, says Schmitt.
Symptoms include faintness, cold feet and hands, rapid, shallow breathing, irritability, rash and in some cases, delirium and a loss of consciousness.