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Robin Hood's fingers wrapped lovingly around his good bow, and he smiled faintly when he felt it in his grasp, then he nocked the arrow on that part of the string that the tips of his fingers knew so well.
She tried faintly to free her hands--gave up the attempt--smiled--made an effort to look grave--gave that up, too--sighed suddenly--checked herself suddenly--said nothing.
Having helped the wayward 'prentice in, she faintly articulated the words 'Simmun is safe
He smiled faintly without looking up, and muttered as if to himself:
Ermolov screwed up his eyes and smiled faintly on hearing these words.
A sad smile gleamed faintly from beneath the black veil, and flickered about his mouth, glimmering as he disappeared.
It was a tender and heart-dissolving prayer, full of sorrow, yet so imbued with celestial hopes, that the music of a heavenly harp, swept by the fingers of the dead, seemed faintly to be heard among the saddest accents of the minister.
The waning sun was shining faintly through thin white clouds--the air was warm and still--the peacefulness of the lonely country was overshadowed and saddened by the influence of the falling year.
The first sound that came after the heavenly peace rustled faintly like a passing breath of air over the grass of the burial-ground.
This adds a blade's edge of excitement, subversion, and self-scuttle that makes each indulgence criminal, though faintly, and allows the "limited means individual" to savor the pleasures and anxieties of both perpetrator and victim, a real roundhouse of utility thrown in for the price.
He hears a bugle calling, Carried faintly on the breeze.
I realised then they were playing Quidditch and, I'm sorry, but I found it faintly pathetic.
A faintly rat-like object is dropped down a pipe and you try to hit it with a large stick as it emerges at the other end.
Boyle's just as good as that, delivering the kind of ridiculously near-the-knuckle material that leaves you both gasping for breath and faintly concerned why you should be laughing quite so hard.
Rice is a graduate of Manchester Community College and holds an associate of science degree in medical assisting and has fulfilled an internship at the Concord Faintly Health Center as a medical assistant intern