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Synonyms for faintheartedness

the trait of lacking boldness and courage

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Scalia fessed him faintheartedness in Originalism: The Lesser Evil.
Mr Blair, in all his blustering faintheartedness, is unfortunately a true representative of his people.
There were reports that Saddam Hussein gave copies of the film "Black Hawk Down"--it's about the difficulties in Somalia--to his commanders as an example of American weakness and faintheartedness.
If not for the last-minute faintheartedness of Admiral Kurita, brought on by kamikaze-like attacks by small American escort vessels, the Japanese could have destroyed much of the landing force and extended the war.
Not for the glorious gold shall I gladly wear it, Nor for the stuff nor the silk nor the swaying pendants, Nor for its worth, fine workmanship or wonderful honour; But as a sign of my sin I shall see it often, Remembering with remorse, when I am mounted in glory, The fault and faintheartedness of the perverse flesh, How it tends to attract tarnishing sin.
The Senators, acclaiming Cato's courage and, according to Sallust, "reproaching one another for their faintheartedness," adopted a resolution to put the conspirators to death.
I could not acknowledge the tramp as Tsar: to do so would have displayed unpardonable faintheartedness.
actions in the Middle East, Steyn countered that the "alleged mountain of evidence of Yankee culpability is, in fact, evidence only of the Great Satan's deplorable faintheartedness.
Let me have the joy, heavenly Goddess To whose mercy all sinners must apply, Filled with their faith, not faintheartedness.
And I think that's the difference between the carefree audaciousness of youth and the care-filled faintheartedness of maturity: when you're young you don't have the debilitating experience of age to wrestle with.
He has underlined a view of human nature that may well explain his political mutation and the faintheartedness of others.
But she didn't stop, and she was troubled both by her faintheartedness and her hypocrisy.