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Synonyms for fain

disposed to accept or agree

Synonyms for fain

having made preparations

Related Words

in a willing manner


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"You can use your iPhone, your iPad, your Android -- anything that connects to the internet of things," Fain said.
Environmental sustainability has become a guiding principle in the cruising industry, Fain noted.
"They love being outside, having something new to do and pushing themselves,'' Fain said the morning after the hike, as the group prepared to go cross-country skiing.
Questions for Cantrell, Fain and their guests can be tweeted to @ClassUnderSea or by using #ClassroomUndertheSea.
P&O marketing director Christopher Edgington hit back at Fain's bold assertion by claiming that Britannia will offer "the most contemporary and refined holiday experience appealing to a whole new generation.
Royal Caribbean would also double its capacity in China from about six per cent, Fain said.
Here, the retailer must be able to reconcile each shopper's identity -- the data collected via multiple channels -- back to one person, Fain says.
Cawn ddilyn y Lon Fain yng nghysgod copaon gwyn y Garn a'r Glyder ym mro'i febyd hyd at gaffis y prom yn Aberystwyth, lle caiff gyfle i fyfyrio wrth wylio'r haul yn machlud a'r dydd yn diflannu dros y mor tragwyddol.
In 1976, Fain initiated sociological research on Soviet Jewry, attempting to organize an international symposium on the subject.
The Ardeidae are commonly parasitized by species of nasal mites that make up the genus Tinaminyssus Strandtmann and Wharton, 1958 (Rhinonyssidae) (Bregetova, 1950 apud Pence, 1975; Zumpt and Till, 1955 apud Pence, 1972; Fain, 1956 apud Pence, 1972; Pence, 1972; Amaral and Rebougas, 1974b).
With: Robin Weigert, Maggie Siff, Daniel London, Ben Shenkman, Johnny Tchaikovsky, Julie Fain Lawrence, Janel Moloney, Emily Kinney, Laila Robins.
Fain shows us some basic elements of painting--light, shadow, and color--then puts them back together in a way that produces a picture, to be sure, but one that contradicts itself.
The trick is to use the tablets' capabilities to make it a better venue, to offer something more than is possible with paper," says Capstone cofounder Steven Fain.
Richard D Fain, the company chairman and chief executive officer, said, 'First quarter results were satisfactory given the difficult and uncertain operating environment and we continue to see gradual improvement in the demand for our great vacations.'
Jordan on Fain Ranch near the headwaters of the Agua Fria River in Prescott Valley (SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Section 31 T15N R1E, elevation 1,490 m), Yavapai County, Arizona (Fain Ranch Locality).