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Synonyms for fail-safe

designed so as to be impervious to human error or misuse


Words related to fail-safe

a mechanism capable of returning to a safe state in case there is a failure or malfunction

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guaranteed not to fail

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eliminating danger by compensating automatically for a failure or malfunction

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With the proper pilot assembly, the reservoir is constantly pressurized and able to perform the fail-safe operation during a power failure or catastrophic air failure.
There will be a live demonstration of two systems running side by side - the fail-safe system running next to a freeware file system using a standard SD card.
Highlighting out-of-date computers, Virus Fail-Safe alerts consultants to expired product subscriptions, source servers not updating child nodes, as well as other outside factors contributing to leaving clients vulnerable.
Both the ADAM-4056S and ADAM-4056SO are equipped with communication and system watchdogs as well as a fail-safe function that resets the outputs to predefined values.
PL systems are fail-safe, use no electricity, are not radioactive, and are easy to maintain.
Superbly enhanced with the inclusion of more than 600 full-color wildlife photographs of birds, nests and nesting habitat, eggs, feathers, and wings for over 70 specifies of birds dwelling along Alaska's coastal tundra, ornithologist Tim Bowman's impressive, spiral bound, "user friendly" reference and guide is an efficient, effective, fail-safe way to easily and confidently identify nests and eggs.
But--as anyone who has laughed with a mouthful of milk knows--this isn't a fail-safe seal.
It does not provide a fail-safe mechanism for a test that was ordered but never done, or for a test that was done but the report was never sent.
Many organizations--even those with disaster recovery programs--found themselves without access to mission-critical data and services, despite fail-safe measures, including power generators and off-site data backup.
It is unlikely that a District which is so dysfunctional, where human errors are so rampant, can be trusted to implement a fail-safe solution.
Healthcare facilities across North America have chosen eXI's RoamAlert system for its reliability, ease of use, fail-safe technology, and superior product support.
To ensure proper functioning of the system, liquid amine line pressure and nitrogen pressure safety switches and an excess flow valve are interlocked with an explosion-proof valve for fail-safe shut off in the event of pressure loss due to line breakage or low nitrogen supply pressure.
The action builds on a previous airworthiness directive about the CF6-80C2 engine that requires testing of the performance thrust reversers and their fail-safe systems.
The Joslyn SurgeBan is a suppression system with fail-safe modules.
Meeting the rapidly-increasing demand for fail-safe 300 watt systems, the CSS300 family of single-, dual-, triple, and quad-output open frame switchers feature input power factor correction that reduces harmonics below EN61000-3-2.