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glazed earthenware decorated with opaque colors

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Beautiful art deco touches are seen throughout, and the blue-green faience panelling on the balconies and cream Petersen Koluma brickwork add a hand-crafted, distinctive look.
He stayed at Flint Faience from its inception in 1921 until 1925, when he moved on to a rival the company in Wisconsin.
Obviously this allows her to shift between materials and techniques with ease, which is quite relevant when the texts specify that there is "lapis lazuli" and "artificial lapis lazuli," so that the introduction of glass and faience fits into the scheme.
Heritage documents describe it as having "stunning interiors with much of the original ornate faience tiling, decorative plaster ceilings, carved oak panels, stained glass and marble fireplaces still being intact".
Accordingly, her jewelry show, titled "Em Brace Let," reflects decades of research into the ceramic arts, melding together ancient materials and techniques like bronze, glass-making and faience.
Freres musulmans et armee se regardent ces jours-ci en chiens de faience.
Britain and Holland were not the only countries to make these wares, however, and if this little bear could speak it would be with a French accent, as this is an example of French faience.
Master-classes will be conducted by well-known craftsmen and artists of Central Asia on different themes: faience painting, different types of embroidery, natural dyeing, felting and chii techniques etc.
We examine the treatment of urinary incontinence in Ancient Egypt with faience in the light of current concerns regarding the treatment of dysfunctional elimination in children with milk of magnesia.
The marine barometer sold in our recent Spring Fine Art Sale, along with the Lalique Rampillon vase I wrote about recently which realised pounds 680, also a early continental faience shallow dish which was a nice surprise for its owner, who had no idea of its value - it sold for pounds 700
Pamela even has one cat that is over 2,000 years old - an Ancient Egyptian Faience Cat amulet -which she snapped up at an Antiques Fair.
These bespoke one of a kind pieces incorporate quartz crystals from Brazil and Madagascar, turquoise from Tibet, hand carved faience styled scarabs from Egypt, antique vintage coins from all over Europe, wooden beads from Africa, freshwater pearls and one of a kind pieces found at the brocante and antique markets in France.
Apres le traditionnel echange de cadeaux, une edition d'epoque du "Genie du christianisme" et des "Memoires d'outre-tombe" de Chateaubriand contre faience et gravure de la place Saint-Pierre, le President francais, manifestemment soulage, a meme demande au pape un chapelet supplementaire.
One example, a turquoise faience glazed pottery hippo (pictured below) is up for sale at auction on Wednesday.
During the period of Asia's great sleep, admirable small fragments of faience and mosaic used to fall gently into the silence.