fading away

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gradually diminishing in brightness or loudness or strength

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Steven Duffy added: "All good things must come to an end - it was great showing them fading away and life going on."
'It is disheartening to see the art slowly fading away,' he expresses.
ISLAMABAD -- The thousands years-old ancient heritage sites in federal capital are ruining and fading away due to the uncontrolled commercial activities and lack of interest by the concerned authorities.
In her gorgeous country song, "Fading Away," singer-songwriter Ashley Jordan paints a stark and disturbing picture of a young woman receding from the world around her.
And sadly it suggests that O'Gara runs the risk of fading away - though I cannot believe for a minute that Ireland would not mark his exploits at some point.
OUR PUBS AND OUR CLUBS ARE CLOSING I've seen many sad sights in my lifetime And I saw one last Saturday night The old Seven Stiles pub in Upton All boarded up, a grim sight And this sight's becoming quite common All over in country and town Our pubs and our clubs are all losing cash And the owners are closing them down The smoking ban is one reason And the price of drinks, I would say In supermarkets the price is so small They almost give it away Along with the local Post Office These buildings are fading away All meeting places, familiar faces Our whole way of life's in decay Maybe legislation is called for The Government should get on the ball It would help things I think If all those who sold drink Charged the same price overall by Doug Sharkey, Birkenhead
Sadly it only lasted for about five minutes before fading away, " she said.
"They're known for fading away in the end, so might be a bit nervous."
When asked if the one-day cricket is fading away due to the sudden emergence of Twenty20, Waugh said: "I don't think so.