fading away

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gradually diminishing in brightness or loudness or strength

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She knew them both, and stood looking at them till her eyes brimmed over with tears that were both sweet and sad; for they were the faces of her father and mother, beautifully copied from portraits fast fading away.
You know the wonder of a woman's arm--the fore arm, I mean; the sweet fading away from rounded biceps and hint of muscle, down through small elbow and firm soft swell to the wrist, small, unthinkably small and round and strong.
And sadly it suggests that O'Gara runs the risk of fading away - though I cannot believe for a minute that Ireland would not mark his exploits at some point.
When asked if the one-day cricket is fading away due to the sudden emergence of Twenty20, Waugh said: "I don't think so.
As you concentrate on the luminous line, however, strange physiological effects are triggered in your eyes, and a second line, a kind of visual echo of the first, starts to travel upwards before fading away.
But the dead star's burned-out core isn't fading away quietly.
There is a welcome profusion of trendy new bars everywhere you look in our fast regenerating city, but the older pubs with a bit of history and character about them are gradually fading away.
At that time, cotton, cotton/synthetic, and cotton/asbestos dryer "felts" (so called then) were fading away because yarns made from nylon and polyester polymers were being developed for use to clothe dryer sections.
This exhibition includes a number of his photographs, including The Lady of Shalott (1861) and Fading Away (1858), which is perhaps his most famous photograph.