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Synonyms for fadeout

a slow or gradual disappearance


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a gradual temporary loss of a transmitted signal due to electrical disturbances

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Their exit, said the Toronto Globe and Mail, "stands as a vivid symbol of the slow and inexorable fadeout of Quebec's religious communities from the public life of Montreal." (Ingrid Peritz, Globe, Dec 23/08) Four years earlier, in 2005, the Congregation of Notre Dame had sold their motherhouse on the "upper reaches of Westmount," moving the bones of their foundress, Ste.
Spoken phrases are looped to provide recurring riffs which are expanded and commented on by the live ensemble before a magical fadeout of Baker playing My Funny Valentine.
If postcolonial Indian-English poetry is to mean something to the lover of poetry, then it needs to recognize that the poetic form of all nostalgia is ultimately the fadeout, replace descent with ascent, and prickly sensitivity with full-throated song.
The fadeout by the visitors allowed the home brigade to seize the momentum with scores from experienced pair Marc Teague and Tam McVie.
In the table on the next page, eclipse times refer to the middle of the event listed; a fadeout or reappearance takes at least a couple of minutes to occur.
The University of Wisconsin Press has reissued the recently deceased Hansen's first two novels in the 12-volume series: Fadeout (1970) and Death Claims (1973).
The Corwen-born Wales international is keen to make amends for the fadeout of Tranmere's promotion challenge in the last campaign, a disappointment he shared with around a dozen members of the present squad at Prenton Park.
That's where today's debate begins: What's responsible for the apparent "fadeout," and what should be done about it?