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a person who subscribes to a variety of fads

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Dismissing the notion that American Utopians were mostly "cranks and faddists," he lauds their ambition:
Enough of this political pussyfooting towards a fix that will appease Farage and the usual faddists who blame all our woes on foreigners and former governments (yes, even the outsmarted Lib Dem collaborators are catching it now
But on the other hand, those of us with celiac disease are looked upon as if we are simply food faddists.
In the hands of Harvey Levenstein, however, we have quite the opposite: a parade of optimistic charlatans and pseudoscientists, industrial money grabbers, faddists, huckster journalists, ignorant policymakers, and a doltish public willing to believe and buy just about anything.
The disposition on the part of faddists to seek to force their fads down other people's throats through the agency of the State, is one of the worst signs of the times.
John Harrison wrote that all communities had their vegetarians, teetotalers, nonsmokers, and fresh-air-and-cold-water faddists, and it is to be expected that communities dedicated to providing an alternative lifestyle should attract others with their own ideas as to what that life should be.
Arrison is eager not to be confused with various longevity faddists of yore, from Ponce de Leon to Serge Voronoff, who a century ago started a fad for grafting monkey testicles onto those of aging men.
1,2 However, recognition of many new cases3,4,5 and identification of several risk factors6,7 (food faddists, chemotherapy patients, anorexia nervosa, major depression disorder, alcohol abuse, etc.
The romantic might choose to picture artisan bakers as kitchen-table entrepreneurs; food faddists destined to pick over the tiniest crumbs left by a commoditised big-player market.
She does not describe the customers but does say that she preferred the appearance of people who 'cheerfully and persistently in the face of all food faddists still consume three meat meals a day.
These are trial sufficient, but to the half-mad self-absorption of exercise faddists I prefer even environmental fanatics of the Al Gore variety, though these, in their obnoxious superiority, vie with the God-is-dead crowd.
The anti-drink brigade and the food faddists won't like it of course.
Scurvy is now a rare condition, the "at risk" groups being the elderly, food faddists, alcoholics, smokers, persons in institutions and those with psychiatric disorders.
Vegetarianism is regularly depicted as a fringe choice for "health faddists.
If, as he said, the "revolutionaries are always reactionaries" and the "individual faddists are not fickle, but fixed," the Catholic enters the doors of the Church and finds that it "is much larger inside than outside.