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intensely fashionable for a short time


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These things are faddish, although Joe seems to have held good since biblical times.
"The more you restrict a person's diet, the worse their eating can become." Plus, diets have this amazing knack of turning faddish, she says.
If she were more faddish, Baker might have written about the "anxieties" fostered by the emergence of modern campaigns.
McCabe said his constant refusal to be part of awards juries was his concern that "professional assessment would be cancelled out by faddish and trendy consensus." Strong words, some might say arrogant words, but my attention was riveted.
"Too often we think of "gadgets" as being faddish and temporary, yet this list proves that the very best gadgets stand the test of time," the Daily Mail quoted Gadget Show presenter Pollyanna Woodward as saying.
Retro appliance colors such as mint green or turquoise felt faddish to them and as one said, "It does not look grown up."
Andrews, questioned Ken Borochov, the visionary behind the Mordekai brand, about his expanding jewelry line's popularity among the younger demographic, he wasn't too keen about the line's faddish perception.
If modern Britain is be-set by a faddish pessimism, it is also much richer, fairer, more tolerant and more welcoming than it was 60 years ago.
Sinks and WCs should always be white - don't get hung up on faddish coloured suites as they'll quickly turn sour when you want to change up your decor further down the line.
So this is me saying no - no to joining gyms I won't go to more than twice; no to faddish diets I can't stick to for more than three weeks; no to making clothes instead of buying them; no to reading The Satanic Verses, A la Recherche du Temps Perdu or anything else that's purely for selfimprovement; no to learning Spanish or Russian or Esperanto.
I think it puts them in touch with the adult world before they come out of school - Margaret Sollett, 53, a mum-of-three from Guisborough I think they are a good idea because they're a nice way to get all the kids together - Nicola Vout, 27, a stay-at-home mum-of-two from Great Ayton It is a bit faddish and it might put pressure on people who haven't got so much money, but overall I think it's a good thing - Darren Camp, 48, a council worker from Middlesbrough They're a waste of time, which is why I didn't go to mine.
I'm not so sure - would anyone really make the case that the faddish world of art is less prone to suddenly changing its mind as to the value of a particular asset than the money men are?
For instance, he makes the assertion that there are "faddish ideas afflicting the Discovering series." It is difficult to balance the term "faddish" with the facts that Discovering Geometry has been used in schools since 1989 and the three-year Discovering series has been available for 10 years.
The currently faddish cure for the troubles created by short-term debt in the capital structure of financial institutions is catastrophe bonds--a hybrid combining characteristics of debt and equity.