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an educator who works at a college or university

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Faculty incentive and reward system depends a lot on research activities because most faculty members and administrators support the belief that research promotes teaching2 but there are others who challenge it.
ASA and VC had remained on bitter terms since last year after two faculty members linked with ASA and appointed on Tenure Track System were denied promotions in the syndicate.
One faculty member suggest how his/her institution supports the department with whatever resources the members need in order to be successful.
Faculty enticed students in the videos and other presentations to take ownership of the course by becoming active participants and engaging in frequent communication with the faculty member and fellow students.
Due to lack of information in some dimensions, training courses are necessary both for the faculty members and the faculty member to improve their awareness, attitude and performance about plagiarism.
NNA - 06/10/2012 Lebanese University Contractual Faculty members decided on a work-stoppage pending government meeting of their long-standing demand for becoming full-timers.
Collaborative undergraduate research is inherently an inefficient process that requires a considerable amount of time for both the student and the faculty member.
Visiting faculty member Abacus (affiliated with Urdu science university)
The extent to which Hispanic faculty members employed at all Texas community colleges had changed from 2000 to 2008 is examined.
This requires that the faculty member should be skillful in what he teaches, able to diversify his teaching techniques, and enhancing students' develop relation ships in class through (Raney, 2003).
FUNCTION: A residential college housing 350 students and a faculty member and his family, with 11 faculty fellows (including the resident faculty member) teaching freshmen seminars and 25 "associate members" from the community dropping in to interact with students.
There are no hard-and-fast rules for how much research a new faculty member must produce to earn tenure.
Now called the Faculty Involvement Program, it was established with the goal of placing one accounting faculty member per year in an extended practical work experience environment.
Potential candidates should start early to identify and establish a relationship with a Harvard faculty member to host his or her research.
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