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Synonyms for facultative

not compulsory or automatic

Antonyms for facultative

able to exist under more than one set of conditions

granting a privilege or permission or power to do or not do something

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not compulsory

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Reinsurance Group of America Incorporated (NYSE:RGA) on Friday disclosed that it began tracking facultative case statistics since 1979 and its US underwriting team, received the three millionth facultative case.
It is the related issue of whether expenses are payable within or in addition to reinsurance limits, particularly under facultative reinsurance certificates--which also has been subject to many disputes over the past quarter century--that continues to vex the industry.
Johannes Goebel, Global Head of Facultative Underwriting & Head of Engineering at Qatar Re, said, "We are very pleased to further strengthen our facultative underwriting team with these key appointments at the DIFC.
Kak succeeds Nabih Massaad, who will transfer to Qatar Re's Zurich branch to head the underwriting of engineering treaty globally and engineering facultative for business not underwritten out of the DIFC.
Most recently, he held senior underwriter and team leadership positions with Corporate Insurance Partner, the D&F unit of Munich Re in Munich, and the Multinational & Facultative Division of Hannover Re in Germany.
Facultative stem cells are being identified more and more often in human tissues and organs, but much less is known about them compared to typical stem cells, which have distinct morphological traits.
Gerardi, a wastewater microscopy specialist and consultant, offers a guide to facultative lagoons used for the treatment of domestic, municipal, and industrial wastewaters.
Watson continued: "We have appointed Mohamed Alali, who has solid experience in the international reinsurance market, to build our local Treaty and Facultative underwriting team and manage the operation.
property group, I don't place any facultative reinsurance currently, but I have referred Sabrina to our managers and underwriters, and she is one of our top reinsurance brokers," said Edward Mazman, executive vice president for Ironshore.
Facultative pigmentation before the infants' first summer, as measured by apparent concentration of melanin, was negligible, but increased significantly from May 2006 to September 2006 (P < 0.
The three main elements involved in reinsurance are retention limits, automatic reinsurance and facultative reinsurance.
com LIFE: Automatic & Facultative A&H: Quota Share & Excess AXA Equitable ** 1290 Ave of Americas I New York, NY 10009 LIFE: Automatic & Facultative Canada Life ** ** 330 University Avenue I Toronto, Ontario M5G 18 416-552-3868 canadalife.
OdysseyRe is an underwriter of property and casualty treaty, program and facultative reinsurance, and specialty insurance.
In accidental or facultative wound myiasis, the larvae feed on decaying tissue and do not generally invade the surrounding healthy tissue (1).
King, Newly Appointed Vice-Chairman of Berkley Facultative Reinsurance Services, LLC
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