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a bright spot on a planet

a large bright spot on the sun's photosphere occurring most frequently in the vicinity of sunspots

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The Airy disk values were 2.161 and 2.584 [micro]m before and after optimization, as shown in the facula diagram in Figure 12.
Last year another Dawn team, using the spacecraft's infrared spectrometer, found infrared absorption bands due to carbonates in Cerealia Facula. The carbonate deposit must be fairly thick, too, because the dome bears a dozen small impacts, 80 to 300 m across, and all are bright like their surroundings.
The region, called Sotra Facula, includes a 1,000-meter-high peak and a 1,500-meter- deep pit, both shown in this false-color image (green highlights possible volcanic areas, blue marks sand dunes).
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