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Synonyms for factuality

the quality of being actual or factual

Synonyms for factuality

the quality of being actual or based on fact


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The researchers also created a new open-source dataset of over 1,000 news sources, annotated with factuality and bias scores-- the world's largest database of its kind.
Similarly, to probe the consequences of 'post-truth populism' for health policy, we need to ask how certain populists connect the people-elite antagonism with a 'post-truth' disregard of factuality and a delegitimation of expertise.
Although the extraordinary resilience of one of those animals might seem miraculous if not supernatural, the sober way of stating the facts strictly following the protocols of laboratory report writing underpins its seeming factuality, and only the publication of the text in a collection of short stories suggests its being a piece of fiction.
Factuality was also measured as: use of verifiable sources, in the case where anonymous sources are cited a lot of background information should be given; putting voices against each other.
I especially want to commend and congratulate Cidney Fisk, who stands for everything teen rights mean: equality, freedom, rebellion, factuality, and persistence.
But these minimal acts evoke the photographic process through an action whose factuality contrasted with the dreamlike fixity of the large canvases.
To push back against this, and maybe even undo some of the damage it's done to us as readers, this column asks us to engage with a given text without having our anxiety about its factuality quelledto absorb it and let it do whatever work its going to do, without unnecessary crutches or defenses.
Several studies have demonstrated that even 2 and 3 year-olds exhibit signs of the ability to make accurate factuality judgments (Ganea, Lillard, & Turkheimer, 2004; Southgate, Senju, & Csibra, G.
Primetime Factuality executive David Wilkes turns to Izzy Gould for inspiration in fleshing out the concept for new show One Big Family.
Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville, right) looks on with bemusement as his inept colleagues are promoted - Lucy is now Head Of Inclusivity, while David has the title Senior Executive, Primetime Factuality. Be afraid!
The initiation, which he has undergone, could be formulated as follows: "fact" is an abstract concept: "factuality." "Polish-German past," "What happened" are what they are primarily from the perspective of somebody's life, it is that life which decides ultimately about their meaning and does so in a constantly new way, since life that is open to the future not so much is as is becoming, and hence its dimension of factuality (including past factuality) is never fully completed, closed.
(4) The main concern here is with questions of authenticity and historical factuality and their implications for representations of sex 'in the past'.
Since this is not the only title of the book concerning a place, its intrinsic counter factuality and the relevance of its otherness to the protagonists' awareness of themselves alert readers to the danger of taking at face value the other geographical titles ("Judea" and "Gloucestershire") as well: what seems to be the most factual piece of information--the name of a place--turns out to be problematic, or, to say the least, double-layered.