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Synonyms for factuality

the quality of being actual or factual

Synonyms for factuality

the quality of being actual or based on fact


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Once it is clear that Nathan hides behind the third person pronoun, the hierarchy of factuality collapses because both the report of the events of the day and the notebook entries come from the same (inevitably biased) source.
The subsequent material argues that media bias is a departure from objectivity that includes the concepts of factuality and impartiality.
Larry Todd [Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1994]: 54)--are now to be simply rethought under the light of our sophisticated metacritical distrust of interpretation or, in contrast, un-rethought in a methodologically conservative triumph of factuality and empiricism over speculation.
Song does not repudiate the importance of truth, and he actually challenges any attempt to reduce truth to a kind of factuality.
264) Second, the court distilled the triggering condition for Zauderer's rational basis review into a showing of mere factuality and discarded the language from Zauderer that suggested commercial disclosures must be purely factual and noncontroversial.
Nevertheless, the search hit is reliable in determining what we term as 'truth value', or the degree of factuality between true and false statements, which will be explained more in section III(C).
He is intensely interested in fabrication, in the performance of self, in the reality we make up in order to live; but his fiction examines this "without sacrificing the factuality of time and place to surreal fakery or magic-realist gimmickry," as Zuckerman approvingly says of Lonoff's work.
But it seems that, like some other storytellers, he does not always adhere to the fine points of factuality, does not explain inconsistencies and cherry-picks information of use to him even when it is somewhat misleading.
On the side of orthodoxy, Polkinghorne affirms the two natures of Christ, the factuality of the resurrection, and the likelihood of the virgin birth.
Pierre finds instances of superficial factuality that insist on closer attention.
If you deny that, you enter a Gradgrind world of factuality which is spiritless.
For example, Price (2010) looked at popular Australian myth in reality formats and argued that reality TV serves as a means to construct Australian identity; it reinforces "dominant ideas of culture and values with televisual conventions of factuality and entertainment" (Price, 2010, p.
Factuality is a fundamental facet that distinguishes news from other stories.
While numerous talented memoirists have produced masterpieces of the genre, for the most part memoir allows the author far more leeway than autobiography in pontificating, even bloviating, freeing him or her from the constraint of literal factuality.