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Rae earned an Emmy Award nomination in 1982 for her role as Edna Garrett on "The Facts of Life," a series built around young actresses Lisa Whelchel, Nancy McKeon, Kim Fields and Mindy Cohn but held together by show business veteran Rae.
Charlotte's former 'Facts of Life' co-star, Kim Fields, has paid tribute to her on Twitter.
Washington DC, [USA] Aug 04 ( ANI ): Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jessica Biel are currently working towards bringing back the American TV series 'The Facts of Life'.
In a brief statement, the Maggie May singer said: "I must have listened to Facts Of Life for months.
"Corky Gives the Whole Scoop on the Facts of Life (For Girls Only)" is a new, humor laced manual for girls ages 9-13 about the confusing process of becoming a woman.
The two, who are devout Christians, worked together in Christian ministry ever since "The Facts of Life" ended in 1988.
We might improve human nature, as one of the facts of life.
Going beyond the facts of life, this book gives candid interviews and personal anecdotes that show how real-life couples with disabilities handle the joys and challenges of their relationships-courtship, sex, parenthood, disagreements, finances, and more.
CLASSES to teach teenagers about the facts of life are being offered to schools and youth clubs.
I learned that few subjects are off limits in a farm family where the facts of life must be dealt with in a practical fashion every day.
So a new scheme aimed at making it easier for mums and dads to discuss the facts of life is a positive move.
The evening began with Steve Hyatt, vice president of Wentworth, discussing the current "facts of life" for co-op and condo boards.
These are facts of life that are accurately echoed in athletics.