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In a brief statement, the Maggie May singer said: "I must have listened to Facts Of Life for months.
Corky Gives the Whole Scoop on the Facts of Life (For Girls Only)" is a new, humor laced manual for girls ages 9-13 about the confusing process of becoming a woman.
Best known for her role as wealthy Blair Warner on the 80s sitcom "The Facts of Life," "Survivor" is Whelchel's first foray back into the limelight.
The survey questioned young people of secondary school age about where they had learnt the facts of life.
Of course nepotism and patronage are also facts of life, but they are bitter pills to swallow.
I'M shaking my head in disbelief at Coleen Nolan's plan to reward her 16-year-old son with a night in the arms of a prostitute - the rationale being that he'll learn the facts of life in one fell swoop.
But in describing the facts of life within the CIA, few do it better than Gerecht.
AT first I was disappointed by this new novel from award-winning Keresley-born writer Graham Joyce (right) because his central characters seem so similar to many we have met before, not least in his big Coventry-based story Facts of Life.
But those facts of life would eventually destroy her as well as cripple the unions.
Though all but forgotten today, Mom and Dad was so heavily promoted that Time once remarked that the ad campaign "left only the livestock unaware of the chance to learn the facts of life.
The hard cold facts of life are that the secret of being successful and getting ahead is hard work, responsibility, the rule of law and private property rights.
Made after Khakhar was diagnosed with cancer, these works reflect on mortality but also suggest that sexual phantasmagorias mirror the tragic and often violent facts of life.
It's unclear whether these problems are facts of life for cloned creatures, side effects of the procedures used to do cloning, or downsides specific to rodent clones, say the researchers.
Yet too often, it's exactly these financial facts of life that successful parents fail to communicate to their children.