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But I have been talking to this young Ladislaw that Brooke is making a factotum of.
The King signed to the Great Head Factotum to approach.
Forty-three, Sire," said the Great Head Factotum, completing the scrutiny.
In the bungalow at Mill Valley he lived alone, save for Lee Sing, the Chinese cook and factotum, who knew much about the strangeness of his master, who was paid well for saying nothing, and who never did say anything.
The instant the factotum had closed the door, Valentin addressed the girl with an entirely new earnestness.
She's the mater's factotum, companion, Jack of all trades
Becky as Monsieur Fiche said (since Monseigneur's death he has returned to his native country, where he lives much respected, and has purchased from his Prince the title of Baron Ficci), and the factotum objected to have to do with assassination; or whether he simply had a commission to frighten Mrs.