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produced in quantity at a factory


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Purchase Gavleborg procures on behalf of GEnstrikeleden recycler a brand new and factory-made truck chassis with gas operation with the option of an entity.
It contains detailed historic and forecast market value data for the concrete and cement market and its categories (Cement Clinker, Factory-Made Mortars, Portland Cement, Refractory Cements, Mortars & Concretes, Other Hydraulic Cements, Ready-Mixed Concrete and Prefabricated Structural Components), including data by domestic production, supply balance, existing stock, imports and exports.
3 Factory-Made Mortars Domestic Production Value, 2007-2011
The DPH said handmade cigarettes have the same health risks as factory-made cigarettes and do not carry the same health warnings that are required of all factory-made cigarettes.
Factory-made lightweight steel frames fitted with precision-cut insulation panels create properties which exceed building regulation requirements in all aspects of thermal requirements and building quality, meaning they are also more environmentally friendly.
Pasta is the ultimate ready meal so throw out those jars of factory-made sauce and create your own simple but tasty meals.
It is factory-made, rather than crafted by an individual chair maker, but we don't know how many would have been produced with it.
If it is a factory-made violin, it may be worth in the region of pounds 200/pounds 300 if in good condition.
The Optimist Club also gave the children hundreds of boxed toys and factory-made dolls donated by business owners and residents.
Other names include French-born perfumer Eugene Rimmel (1820-1887), producer of the first factory-made non-toxic mascara, James Pimm (1798-1866), London oyster bar keeper and inventor of Pimm's No1 cup, John Lea(1791-1874) and William Perrins (1793-1867), inventors of the savoury Worcestershire sauce.
Tammany Hall ruled New York for the sake of the wealthy, ships daily brought hundreds of immigrants escaping Europe's pogroms and poverty, and factory-made clothing was replacing traditional homemade.
As Gentlemen trips out on the metastatic "mall or nothing" gentrification and factory-made, mutant youth trash of Carnaby Street, its freewheeling, wisecracking voice-over seems to channel Baudelaire's opiated eye on the instant ruins and cadaverous seductions of early modernity.
Most pharmacists dispense factory-made medications.
The only factory-made material needed extensively is the corrugated metal of the roof, which protects the fragile walls and channels rain to water the trees.
Researchers said factory-made soup is still a favourite as a starter for family meals.