factory worker

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a workman in a mill or factory

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Last night, one of the factory workers was taking a stroll on the rooftop of Rabi Centre when he spotted a plane flying at a dangerously low altitude.
There are also men along with women who do home-based labour and they are as hard-working as any other factory worker so should be treated with equal respect,' he said.
According to police sources, a driver was killed when an unidentified motorcyclist opened fire on the bus of factory workers in Kahna police precincts.
Seoul: South Korea`s Samsung Electronics pledged to compensate by 2028 its local chip and display factory workers who have suffered from work-related illnesses.
In 2010, 14 factory workers from Foxconn (another iPhone-producing factory) allegedly killed themselves due to the abuse they have encountered in the work place.
In her note, she had mentioned about her affair with the factory worker.
at at PS20 What factory worker paid for the pair to hang in his kitchen
The retired cigar factory worker survives on a PS120 per week state pension, plus a small works retirement income.
said it wouldn't compensate the 2012 factory fire victims, the company is now ramping up efforts to improve safety for factory workers abroad in light of a second, similar tragedy.
News reports and witnesses said the violence Sunday stemmed from a confrontation between a factory worker and a guard that quickly escalated.
Lucky for those who were fortunate to have such a contract As a factory worker of 40 years at the now "abandoned" MF tractor plant, our glory days were short lived by comparison - we had to strike for most of our pay rises and conditions.
A TATTOOIST put the wrong date on a Tyneside factory worker's permanent souvenir of the Royal wedding.
Philip O'Brien, a 44-year-old factory worker of Middlesbrough, said: Pink Floyd.
In April, 2000, Sonae was forced to pay out pounds 15,000 when a factory worker was crushed while unblocking a conveyor belt, and in June, 2002, factory worker John Thomas was hospitalised after an explosion ripped a 50m-high hole in a wall.
A FACTORY worker has appeared in court charged with the murder of 22-year-old Ffion Wyn Roberts.