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a whistle at a factory that is sounded to announce times for starting or stopping work

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Take care of those nests before the factory whistle blows for the last time and the wasps down tools and crack open the Tennent's Super.
A simple thing like that is all that is necessary--it might be 10 o'clock chiming on the courthouse clock [nine is better), the ending of the morning radio news, a factory whistle, any external signal not governed by our own tendency to remain at rest.
On cloudy days, you could rely on courthouse clocks and church bells tolling at certain times, as well as the occasional factory whistle to keep pretty much on schedule.
The factory whistle had sounded minutes ago and the sewing machines were already whirring.
No way, although cautious optimism is on the rise, even though tropical depressions continue to roll off the western coast of Africa, much like a factory assembly line, until the long-awaited factory whistle signals 'the end of the shift' come November 30.
The factory whistle carried low, just above ground level, howling every morning on a single note capable of expressing only the immensity of the darkness that flowed down the ravine of Factory Street through all the hours of day and night.
Mr Rafter announced that if the city was attacked, certain factory whistles and hooters would be used as sirens.
According to an account of the momentous occasion, "People observed moments of silence, rang bells, honked horns, blew factory whistles, fired salutes, kept their traffic lights red in brief periods of tribute, took the rest of the day off, closed their schools or convoked fervid assemblies therein, drank toasts, hugged children, attended church, smiled at strangers, forgave enemies." The discovery was profound, the gratitude authentic, the joy universal.
Surely Dryden would not have been the only sportswriter to have noticed 2,000 pounds of boiling baked beans splattering the bleachers at the ballpark, or the dozen factory whistles shrieking alarm.