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resolve (a polynomial) into factors


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Exploratory factor analysis was employed, the factorizing method was principal components analysis and the spinning method was Varimax.
The statement is equivalent to the impossibility of factorizing either the vector BS|n, 0> or probability (48).
For partial representations of Hopf algebras, there is also a universal algebra factorizing partial representations by algebra morphisms and this algebra has the structure of a Hopf algebroid.
CPU time and memory cost as a function of unknowns for factorizing [K].
Matrix factorization models have been found to be effective and efficient in traditional item recommender systems [16], which find latent features for users and items by factorizing the observed user-item rating matrix and make latent features for further predictions.
In an earlier work we have proposed a neural network-based Constrained Learning Algorithm (CLA) for factorizing 2D polynomials using constrained optimization techniques [7].
In this section we give a result on factorizing [[chi].sup.[theta].sub.[m[lambda]]] into smaller characters.
But taking such a factorizing approach to pictures stems from a larger approach to perception that persists in neo-empiricist fashion to separate sensory or nonconceptual and conceptual contributions to perceptual experience.
Conceptually, recurring sequences of operations are abstracted by factorizing them into single units.
The (uni)frontal method avoids this extra work by factorizing the matrix with a single frontal matrix.
Michael's performance when factorizing numbers was remarkable.
Is it worth arguing that twelve surpasses ten because it factorizes in more ways, so that the reader -- contentedly factorizing -- perceives more structures and symmetries?
In addition, the joint matrix factorization improves the prediction and recommendation accuracy by jointly factorizing the users rating information with the user device similarity in terms of available bandwidth and visual quality and program genres similarity.
Exploiting the factorizing of the correlation functions [37, 38], after long but straightforward algebra, we obtain
Factorizing the matrix M is necessary to solve system (1.7).