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resolve (a polynomial) into factors


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From this matrix is calculated its variance-covariance matrix and this derived matrix factorized to produce for each population a set of coordinates locating it in as many dimensions as are needed to account for the data.
About three years ago my wages were reduced ten per cent, a new baby was born, and I was factorized.
can be factorized in a unique way as a decreasing product (for lexicographic order) of Lyndon words (see [2], [9] or [15]).
However, even if we would assume, as is conventional, that ("clothed") partons within the proton are defined, the proton wave function, [PSI], could not be factorized into separate valence quark spin wave functions (|[[chi].
The projective transformation in general case can be factorized into three simpler transformations corresponding to the three transitions between these four different coordinate systems.
6 and Table 1), the stress growth functions can be expected to be lower from the linear viscoelastic prediction based on any factorized constitutive equations.
By expanding V-I Chip product lines, we believe that Factorized Power will provide unprecedented flexibility and cost-effective performance to OEMs in Consumer Electronics, Communications, Information Technology and Automotive markets.
The general Lorentz transformation [LAMBDA] is written in the factorized form [6] as follows:
In this model, processing program, as list of operations leading to obtaining the needed workpiece, is factorized to a set of features, elementary objects, which are removed from the blank during machining.
When this is recognized their formula reduces to an expression identical to that given in equation (5) though this is not immediately apparent because Inoue and Kobatake failed to recognize that the numerator in their expression can be rearranged and factorized into terms that cancel with terms in the denominator and their expression therefore looks more complex than that in Equation 5.
With the initial building blocks of Factorized Power, we have generated interest or achieved early acceptance of V-I Chips with leading companies in the Consumer Electronics, Information Technology and Automotive market segments.
According to the DFactor command from Maple's DEtools package, all the operators can be factorized into a product of one irreducible operator of order 2 and several operators of order 1.
1, and can be factorized into time and strain dependent terms at higher strain rates.
This is a logical step to deploying the PRM/VTM Chip-set as SMD devices directly on the board, either next to each other or with the PRM factorized away from the prime real estate at the point-of-load.
BENNER, Factorized solution of Sylvester equations with applications in control, in Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Syststems MTNS 2004, V.