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resolve (a polynomial) into factors


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Based on the formulations of the SDRE control, the two equations of motion are factorized as
The x, y, and z scattering matrices can thus be factorized, similar to (6), to give:
The multidimensional data of the social web can also be represented in the form of a tensor that can be factorized to exploit the latent semantic structure between users, items, and valuations.
The study of finite groups factorized as a product of two or more subgroups has applications not only in group theory, but also in areas such as cryptography and coding theory.
To perform the search in (4) successively, the channel matrix H is factorized into the multiplication of a unitary matrix Q and an upper triangular matrix R.
A design to provide a controlled Factorized Bus distribution voltage for powering downstream VI BRICK VTM current multipliers.
In line with the main goal of this research, all responses (psychophysiological, behavioral, and cognitive) were factorized into principal components employing a varimax rotation (orthogonal solution).
can with some general success be factorized by using the concept of so-called superpotentials.
Indeed, the Hessian can be factorized in infinitely many ways as
6 and Table 1), the stress growth functions can be expected to be lower from the linear viscoelastic prediction based on any factorized constitutive equations.
The joint density of the random variables R and Y can be factorized as
1994] factorized this expression into the product of technical change and technological change as:
We looked at the chain metrics separately, and we also factorized them using principal components analysis into one overall supply chain performance metric.
All common functions among all steps are factorized in one scheme called PARCEL.
Figure 4 shows the factorized bytecode program, along with the corresponding table of macros.