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resolve (a polynomial) into factors


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2] - 4ac and also the factorised form of an equation.
Full generalisation opposite signs to each other to cross understanding: twice; if k = 0, a can be + or--but the all 6 types parabola will cross once; if a and k have the same sign, the parabola will not cross the x-axis; if the equation can be factorised + or -(x + d)(x + e) then the parabola will cross twice; if d = e, it will cross once.
1999), the multiple symptoms of a cold that are effectively improved by this herbal remedy can be factorised to three dimensions: rhinitis score, bronchitis score and general well-being.
When this is factorised, the result can be written in the form:
t])' represents determinants of money demand, then the joint density function (Equation 3) can be factorised into the conditional density function of [m.
In order to test the super-exogeneity, we factorised the joint density function (Equation 3) into the conditional density function (Equation 4a) and the marginal density function (Equation 4b).
2] - x - y = 0, it might be helpful to realise that this can factorised into (x + y) (x - y - 1).
Their recognition of this structure enables them to respond with a predictable action strategy, resulting in the factorised form (x - 3)(x + 3).