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resolve (a polynomial) into factors


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The [PI] is a long run matrix that can be factorised as [PI] = [alpha][[beta].
0], in this case this set could be factorised into corresponding subsets {[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
1999), the multiple symptoms of a cold that are effectively improved by this herbal remedy can be factorised to three dimensions: rhinitis score, bronchitis score and general well-being.
Have you ever factorised quadratic expressions before?
4) The long-run matrix ([PI]) can be factorised as (p x r) matrices of it and [beta] such as [PI] = [alpha][beta]'.
t])' represents determinants of money demand, then the joint density function (Equation 3) can be factorised into the conditional density function of [m.
So in this case the long-run matrix can be factorised as pxr matrices ofct and ]3 of the form [PI]=[alpha][beta].
socio-economic, environmental and hygienic, demographic, and health programme were examined to test for any differences and interactions between the factorised variables.