factor of safety

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the ratio of the breaking stress of a structure to the estimated maximum stress in ordinary use

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The factor of safety increases from 0.34 to 1.48 with the effective cohesion changing from 0 to 15 kPa for the effective friction angle of 24[degrees].
To validate the proposed multi-rigid-block upper-bound analysis, two well-defined classical slopes with a weak thin layer were selected in calculating the static factor of safety. Figure 4 illustrates the schematic diagram of slope A (Huang et al.
The mentioned method that takes the reserve of strength index to define the factor of safety has clear physical meanings.
The computed factor of safety in Equation 13 varies with the elapsed time t.
To analyze membrane pack behaviour, its fatigue factor of safety must be determined at different loading conditions.
(3) A contour plot of the factor of safety with respect to a fatigue failure at a given design life.
SimDesigner Fatigue, another new module, can then directly access the transient and load transfer results from SDS--no waiting for test data; no data translations--to run fatigue or "factor of safety" calculations.
The corresponding effect of [h.sub.w] on the cover slope stability (assessed through the time- dependent factor of safety against instability, [FS.sub.(t)] is investigated in yet another study (Ayoola et al.
Ribs in compression while in service offer a greater factor of safety than ribs in tension.
When the manufacturer uses an acceptable factor of safety, courts have been hesitant to impose liability for inadequate testing.
The factor of safety was computed at initial condition of the slope (no failure), at point of appearance of a minor slip/scarp in the slope, and at existence of a major slip/collapse in the slope.
Zhu and Lee [9] conducted study on the factor of safety based on Bell's assumption.