factor of proportionality

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the constant value of the ratio of two proportional quantities x and y

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A major portion of the opinion in Libya-Malta is devoted to an elaborate discussion of the factor of proportionality, which arises from the equitable principle that nature must be respected.
Following Atkinson and Halvorsen (1984), the shadow price may be related to the market price through a factor of proportionality [[k.
The factor of proportionality is allowed to vary across ownership types.
The factor of proportionality, K, will, according to Friedman, vary with the interest rate, i, the ratio of non-human wealth to total wealth (nonhuman plus human wealth), w, and the consumer's propensity to consume (e.
The necessary and sufficient condition in both cases is that (8) [Mathematical Expression Omitted] where z is an arbitrary factor of proportionality.