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consider as relevant when making a decision

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In addition to inflammatory responses, a wide range of signal transduction processes converge on the NF-B pathway, including cell proliferation, apoptosis, angiogenesis and many others.9 The p105/p50 isoforms of the NF-Bfamily, denoted NF-B1, represents the most ubiquitous form of transcription factor in the family.
The Navy chief said that the spectrum of maritime threat is expanding and the security infrastructure is revised to factor in latest developments.
The transition allowed Kiesling to continue to control how data flowed through their business.This was another significant factor in their decision to migrate to INS.
This result suggested that the NFKB1 gene might function as a prominent factor in these cancers.
The paper quoted IDC analyst Kevin Restivo, as saying that Android's close "tie-ins" to Google's broad array of online services such as online search and maps was a key factor in the growth of Android.
Director of the External Trade Observatory at the Ministry of Industry and Trade Lotfi Khedhir stressed the impact of the national political and economic situation on productivity perceived as a major factor in the functioning of the national economy.