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of or relating to or the product of factor analysis

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Correlation, regression, and factor analytic models are used for the purpose.
A general factor analytic procedure for assessing response bias in questionnaire measures.
Evidence of the existence of noctcaelador across three measures: A factor analytic study.
Factor analytic techniques were performed to verify the dimensional structure of the composite domains for the Oral scale.
Based on factor analytic findings, the researchers labeled two variables: pleasing the teacher and pleasing the family.
Factor analytic findings with inpatients with psychiatric diagnoses suggest that the PSS-14 comprises two factors: Perceived Distress and Perceived Coping (Hewitt, Flett, & Mosher, 1992; Martin, Kazarian, & Breiter, 1995).
Using factor analytic techniques, they examined the suicidal ideation patterns among an academically gifted population.
In regard to the sample size used to develop the Relationship Scale, most researchers agree that larger samples are needed for the stability of factor analytic results (e.
A confirmatory factor analytic procedure was conducted to determine whether the Miller et al.
Using factor analytic techniques (DeVellis 1991), we have identified a group of 11 items with good scale properties (Cronbach's alpha 80.
Furthermore, factor analytic studies would be required, utilizing both exploratory and confirmatory procedures, in which a number of instruments administered to a common sample yielded a one-factor solution.
The present study addressed these issues by examining the factor structure, factor correlations, and latent means of these three male role measures for a sample of mostly Caucasian men and women, using multiple group confirmatory factor analytic techniques.