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of or relating to or the product of factor analysis

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Evidence of the existence of noctcaelador across three measures: A factor analytic study.
This finding failed to hold up in a number of subsequent factor analytic studies (Fernander et al.
A confirmatory factor analytic (CFA) procedure using the maximum likelihood method was used to examine how well the SWBS five-factor model proposed by Miller et al.
An evaluation of the construct validity of the Spiritual Well-Being Scale: A confirmatory factor analytic approach.
Do an exploratory factor analytic (or principal component) item analysis and use empirically validated techniques (e.
Use confirmatory factor analytic techniques to select among alternative structural hypotheses only when the dimensions of, and relationships among, various categories of paranormal belief are sufficiently understood to provide well-informed theoretical expectations.
Factor analytic item analysis of the Hemispheric Mode Indicator, Personality and Individual Differences.
These subscores are based on factor analytic analyses (Harter, 1982, 1985).
There is confirmatory factor analytic evidence to support the structure of these subscales, as well as predictive validity evidence (see Pintrich et al.
Results are reported as a profile of work behavior in terms of individual scores, scores on 11 rational scales, and scores on the five factor analytic scales.
Therefore, many factor analytic decisions involve judgments by the researcher.
Indeed, in this exploratory factor analytic study, I was uncertain about the number or nature of the factors that would emerge.
The construct and factor analytic validation of scales to measure attitudes towards education.