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to perform a factor analysis of correlational data

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Confirmatory factor analyses and metrics invariance estimations were performed using generalized weighted least squares with LISREL 8.
In survey II, factor analyses also prioritize three significant factors resembling main factors in survey I "3.
Given the tendency of the traditional Openness domain in the M5-50 to become differentiated into the O/I model using exploratory factor analyses (Ingram et al.
Prior to conducting factor analyses, data from all samples were examined searching for missing values.
Exploratory factor analyses determined the degree to which constructs of college life experiences are accounted for.
Exploratory factor analyses and Cronbach alpha reliability analyses have shown that the structural replicability is very high, both for the dimensions and facet scales.
Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were performed to test the structural validity of the scale.
Two types of factor analyses are typically used for this purpose.
Factor analyses of responses from teachers and other professionals (n = 400) provide evidence of dimensions reflecting behaviors that are "disturbing" and bothersome when working with children.
He explains measurement scales, reliability, and the unified construct-based model of validity, as well as key steps in the development of assessment instruments, followed by factor analyses in construct validation, including exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and models of multitrait-multimethod data analysis.
Factor analyses of the responses of large samples of male and female adults to the anger-control items identified two anger control factors for both sexes: Anger/Control-In and Anger/Control-Out.
In order to conduct exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses of data from six research projects involving the full-scale POMS (N = 915) were combined.
The results from a series of confirmatory factor analyses indicate that the physical vanity scale is indeed applicable to culturally diverse countries," he added.
Multigroup confirmatory factor analyses across the two student groups supported a common three-dimensional model that included constructs of high personal standards, order and organization, and perception of discrepancy between standards and performance.
Oblique rotations are commonly used in factor analyses as psychological factors often correlated and under these circumstances the orthogonal Varimax solution can lack discrimination (Youngman, 1979: 102; Norusis, 1990: 334).