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in the clotting of blood thrombin catalyzes factor XIII into its active form (fibrinase) which causes fibrin to form a stable clot

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As factor XIII has a long half-life, prophylactic replacement therapy every 4 weeks with factor XIII concentrate or cryoprecipitate is effective as a preventive strategy.
The discovery of coagulation factor XIII (FXIII) dates back to 1940s when a "serum factor" was found to make the fibrin clot insoluble in concentrated urea solution.
Keywords: Factor XIII deficiency, Bleeding disorder, Ovarian haemorrhage, Splenic haematoma.
Factor XIII influences fibrinolysis by the cross-linking fibrin [alpha] chains into high-molecular-weight polymers, rendering the clot more resistant to lysis.
Valproate induces reversible factor XIII deficiency with risk of perioperative bleeding.
Other polymorphic sites related to FXIII activity are FXIII 614A/T and FXIII 1694C/T polymorphisms which have been associated with decreased plasma factor XIII concentrations and lower activity rates, making these FXIII variants candidates for the pathogenesis of thrombotic disorders (8, 10-12).
1), (2) Los sellantes de fibrina pertenecen al grupo de productos con propiedades adhesivas y hemostaticas derivados principalmente del plasma humano, contienen fibrinogeno, trombina, factor XIII, fibronectina, aprotinina y cloruro de calcio.
Clot solubility test was performed to screen factor XIII deficiency.
18 February 2011 - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved yesterday Corifact, the first product intended to prevent bleeding in people with the rare genetic defect congenital Factor XIII deficiency.
Now, a new analysis of the cement reveals that it has many of the same properties as a human blood coagulant, factor XIII, which helps to form scabs.
ROTEM measures the formation, stabilisation and eventual lysis of the clot, including platelet function and fibrin polymerisation (including factor XIII activity), important parameters that are not detected in standard clotting assays.
La deficiencia de factor XIII de la coagulacion hace parte del grupo de los trastornos raros de la hemostasia, entre los cuales se hallan aquellos distintos a los de los factores VIII y IX: factores I, II, V, V+VIII, VII, X y XI.
Significant independent risk factors for chronic renal disease in these patients were severe abdominal symptoms, prolonged purpura, and decreased factor XIII activity.