factor XI

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coagulation factor whose deficiency results in a hemorrhagic tendency

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(2015) reported 1.8% carrier frequency of Factor XI deficiency in Holsteins in Burdur, Turkey.
Factor XI deficiency occurs at an overall frequency of 1:1 000 000, but is more common in Ashkenazi Jews with homozygous and heterozygous frequencies of 0.3% and 8.0%, respectively.
High levels of Factor XI increase the risk of thrombosis, a process involving aberrant blood clot formation that can be responsible for heart attacks and strokes.
Avian blood is slow to clot on foreign surfaces, which is attributed to an absence of factor XI and factor XII (FXII).
Other coagulation antibody products that Affinity manufactures include: Factor VII, Factor VIII, Factor IX, Factor X, Factor XI, Factor XII and Factor XIII.
It targets Factor XI, a clotting factor produced in the liver that is an important component of the coagulation pathway.
While in hemophilia C, a mild and rare form of the disease, factor XI (plasma thromboplastin antecedent) is deficient.
The juice of CD reduced CT possibly by enhancing the coagulation process by intrinsic path way which may involve the reaction of factor XII, factor XI, factor IX or factor VIII.
Although the overwhelming majority of hemophiliacs suffer from either hemophilia A or B, there is another form of clotting protein deficiency called factor XI deficiency (also known as hemophilia c) caused by mutations of an autosomal gene (i.e., not a gene located on the sex-determining chromosome) that encodes for factor XI.
Kaolin promotes clotting by activation of factor XII, which in turn initiates the intrinsic clotting pathway via the activation of factor XI that ends with the formation of a fibrin clot.
No patient with factor XI deficiency was detected indicating extremely low incidence.
With significant liver disease, factor X is decreased as are all other procoagulant factors, specifically factor XI, IX, VII, V, X and II, except for factor VIII which may be elevated.