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an enzyme liberated from blood platelets that converts prothrombin into thrombin as blood starts to clot

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Factor I (Socio Economic Status), Factor II (Parental Child-Rearing Behaviours), Factor III (Family Support Network), Factor IV (Parental Child rearing Attitude).
Factor I is "sleepiness on rising," factor II "initiation and maintenance of sleep," factor III "frequent dreaming," factor IV "refreshing," and factor V "sleep length." Data are presented as mean [+ or -] S.D.
Variables assigned for Factor III are V5, V8, V10, V14, V17 and V24 (as shown on Table 1) and may also be grouped into one common conceptual nucleon.
Factor I accounted for 31.39% of the variance, Factor II for 26.55%, Factor III for 22.14%, Factor IV for 12.14% and Factor V for 5.73%.
18, it can be said that network type of organizations consider especially factor III (bid technology) while the project organizations place the least importance on this factor.
There was a significant main effect for gender, with the girls reporting significantly higher levels of fear than the boys on all five factors: Factor 1: F(1, 125) = 19.05, p < .001; Factor II: F(1, 125) = 22.61, p < .001; Factor III: F(1, 125) = 19.49, p < .001; Factor IV: F(1, 125) = 14.91, p < .001, and Factor V: 125) = 29.01, p < .001.
Statistically significant differences were found among the scores obtained by three age groups on factor III. In general, scores on the questionnaire increased as age increased, especially among those 15 or older.
Tissue factor (also known as factor III) is added to both test and normal plasma, and the time the sample takes to clot is measured optically.
Items 22 and 12 constructed for factor III (hyperactivity/impulsivity) loaded on factor II (Inattention) and factor IV (ODD) respectively.
Factor III, Fear of social and school assessment, it includes fears of a social and school nature related to public performance, such as talking in class or assessments, or doing an exam.