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something resembling a fact

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a brief (usually one sentence and usually trivial) news item

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Better to have stayed with the author's language when he more clearly (and colorfully) stated, "This factoid is a crock."
Factoid: Supporting player Mark Rylance is getting most of the kudos love so far.
But I somehow failed to excavate the important factoid that Rothschild & Sons, a new, one-act adaptation of The Rothschilds, Harnick's 1970 musical about the famed Jewish banking family, will premiere Off-Broadway at the York Theater in October.
Interesting factoid: The soundtrack album "Awesome Mix, Vol.
Interesting factoid: In introducing Lepard, Forsythe told the audience that he and the hedge fund manager enjoyed "a valuable and profitable friendship."
The Naked Scientists perform experiments in the next round, which is originally entitled 'Experimental', while Factoid Frenzy is a test of memory as the contestants have to recollect as many facts as they can after watching video montage.
MY favourite factoid to emerge from I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is David Gest's impressive array of supposed ailments, which include nausea, hypertension and insomnia - familiar symptoms to those of us forced to watch the programme.
In books of this nature, there's always one factoid that every review is going to quote, so here goes: in 1999, there were 14,000 bath-related fatalities in Japan, making bathing there more dangerous than driving.
Thus Artforum's Joey Ramone factoid was pure urban myth.
When you're looking for a specific dance factoid, though, general-purpose sites may not have the answer.
That's what we did in Carrollton, Tex., when we published our 1998 "Factoid" report, "98 Reasons to Celebrate Carrollton."
Interesting factoid: Benedict Cumberbatch and Alan Turing are related.
The text contains suggestive but non-explicit images, and every factoid is written as a single paragraph separated by three center-aligned dots.
Well, here's an interesting factoid: Cunningham was an early co-sponsor of the bill but stopped supporting it after learning of its details.