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dissenting (especially dissenting with the majority opinion)

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All newspapers and public speakers that counsel or encourage resistance to the Conscription Act, or any other law of Congress passed as a war measure, or that endeavor to bring the war policy of the Government into disrepute, will be considered as having violated the Order above alluded to, and treated accordingly." Concluding, Hascall added, "The country will have to be saved or lost during the time this Administration remains in power, and therefore he who is factiously and actively opposed to the war policy of the Administration, is as much opposed to his Government." The order appeared in Indianapolis' chief Republican newspaper, the primary organ of the party in the state, on the following Monday, April 27.
The following year, with the threat from the south apparently eliminated and with the colony solidly, if somewhat factiously, established, James Oglethorpe left Georgia for the last time.