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duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio


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To satisfy the ascertainability requirement, a court must find that the class definition is "sufficiently definite so that it is administratively feasible for the court to determine whether a particular individual is a member." (48) If a class member must have knowledge of actual receipt of the fax (or must be the "owner" of the facsimile machine that received the transmission), a class definition including "persons who were sent" unsolicited faxes is unclear and presents insurmountable administrative hurdles because it would require individual determinations for each prospective class member.
Rysdahl's store, Alaskan Office Source, sells and services the Toshiba line of facsimile machines.
One stand alone device can be shared with the computer modem, either an answering machine or a facsimile machine.
"Most of our work is done over the facsimile machine," Beasant says.
Take, for example, the new plain-paper laser facsimile machine. Seven years ago, businesses boasted of having a primitive $7,000 to $10,000 fax machine with simple transmitting and receiving capabilities.
This is the newest facsimile machine from Canon targeted to small businesses.
Connections (see Figure 2) begin with phone lines: (1) a dedicated line to OCLC; (2) a line for a modern through which we have access to online databases and full-text information vendors; (3) a line used by the facsimile machine; and (4) a line for the telephone.
subsidiary unveiled its new format last fall with five stores featuring such things as a customer service counter with a facsimile machine and package mailing, a J.C.
based in Aichi Prefecture, and facsimile machine and printer maker Matsushita Graphic Communication Systems Inc.
The facsimile machine in the house burst into flames after Tenaka's wife Yaeno, 60, heard a loud noise.
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, passed in 1991, makes it unlawful "to use any telephone facsimile machine, computer, or other device to send an unsolicited advertisement to a telephone facsimile machine." (The Act also prohibits prerecorded telemarketing calls to residences.) The penalty for violating this law can be stiff.
The linchpin in any successful home office operation is a facsimile machine. But a fax can be expensive, and a second dedicated phone line means an additional monthly charge.
One day, your office facsimile machine churns out familiar, waxy copies.
e., the facsimile machine, computers, modems, telephones and even video phones) will make the office as we now know it obsolete.
Three-second quick scanning, superfine resolution and dual access to memory are some of the features of the new Panafax UF-766 plain paper facsimile machine from Panasonic.