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the ability to perform without apparent effort

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Charges of eclecticism, facileness and the lack of a strong personal voice certainly hit their mark, but to dismiss 1984 simply as a vanity project is irresponsible since both the writing and the orchestration are assured in their execution.
Of course, much of Woodland's argument is pendant upon the relation between modernism and postmodernism within an historical continuum of a somewhat Whiggish cast that more expert theoreticians of this problematic relation (David Harvey, Hal Foster, and Barbara Herrnstein Smith among others) would no doubt bemoan for its considerable facileness.
Perhaps the repetition of the images, seemingly chosen for their relative facileness, was in fact intended to expose their import (Athens=historic significance), or the opposite (Athens=empty signifier), or both?
Thus, for a commentator such as Alfred Glauser, paradox has no end other than itself, as pure play of wit: the solution is tempting in its facileness, removing from the author's philosophical logic what seems too cumbersome and too philosophical.
In order to demonstrate what he considers the facileness and risibility of the Arghezian style, Ionesco also creates his own poem pastiches.