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cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles

care for the face that usually involves cleansing and massage and the application of cosmetic creams

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Arcara remains "the state constitutional standard" for "incidental burdens." (112) Therefore, the definition of "incidental" now appears to include the effect of ordinances deemed "facially content-based," (113)--a determination that inherently requires that an ordinance be subjected to a "what is aimed at" assessment.
While the facially disfigured applicant and the physically disabled applicant in the present study are well matched on danger (perceived risk of danger or infection) and possibly on concealability (degree to which the disability can be hidden), the facially disfigured applicant may be judged more harshly on all other dimensions.
The researchers rated these women as least facially attractive.
To establish a prima facie case of disparate impact discrimination under Title VII, a plaintiff must show that the facially neutral employment practice had a significantly discriminatory impact.
This section also does not apply to a restroom located in a health facially if the restroom is intended for the use of one patient or resident at a time," it said.
Lady Sybil was facially injured in a freak accident when a fragment from a hand grenade hit her dur tal.
11PM C4 THE ELEPHANT MAN ITV3 10PM Director David Lynch's profoundly affecting Victorian London elegy starring John Hurt as the real-life Victorian-era 'freak' John Merrick - a facially deformed destitute with a painfully misshapen body.
Making use of this remarkable theory, a new online dating agency offers to pair off members with a partner who is 'facially compatible' to them, using a sophisticated facial recognition software.
facially and psychologically between tortoises, meant that he (or possibly she), could never be replaced.
"They've said I'll never be back to normal facially, but that this procedure offers the best chance of getting the best possible result," he said.
Hex (Josh Brolin) is a facially scarred drifter and bounty hunter who can track down anyone...
[T]he clerk must review the information identified by the filer to determine whether the information is facially subject to the identified provision.
"This latest operation shows how facial transplantation can help a particular group of the most severely facially injured people.
One is picked for a reality television show by a producer who sees her hamming it up on the subway, and another must find new purpose after a facially disfiguring accident.
However, as discussed, the court held that the mandatory inclusionary zoning ordinance at issue was not facially unconstitutional because the ordinance permitted the local government to waive the requirement.