facial recognition

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biometric identification by scanning a person's face and matching it against a library of known faces

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The LIDAR-based 3D facial recognition technology which we have acquired from Digital Signal provides extremely accurate, real time facial recognition, capable of identifying non-cooperative individuals or faces-in-a-crowd at extended ranges.
The company produces wearable video cameras as well and while it sells those to anyone, it's vetting buyers for its facial recognition devices.
The Zhengzhou East Railway Station was the first one to adopt facial recognition glasses for ID verification.
HID Global has announced that its HID Approve two-factor mobile authentication and verification platform now supports Apple's iPhone X Face ID facial recognition system.
Extending that functionality to facial recognition technology is part of our ongoing commitment to provide a better and up-to-the-minute banking experience to our customers through easy and secure features.
15 ( ANI ): Panasonic Corporation announced today that its facial recognition gate has been chosen by the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice to streamline immigration procedures at a major Japanese airport in an easy and secure fashion.
BEIRUT: Iris and facial recognition technology is being rolled out to enhance cash assistance e-cards for the poorest refugees and host communities in Lebanon as a means of validating beneficiary ID's, the U.
Apple offers 3D facial recognition on its iPhone X while Samsung offers 2D facial recognition on its flagships phone.
His innovative new facial recognition system is based on a dot-based grid design used to recognize human faces that not only decreases chances of error, but also completely does away with health risks that previous facial recognition systems posed.
USPRwire, Wed Jun 17 2015] This research report provides analytical insights on the 'global facial recognition market'.
The first most people heard of facial recognition software was when Facebook began to suggest who to tag in each of their photos.
IN JUNE, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine quietly integrated facial recognition software into a state database that includes driver's license photos.
com is an Israeli company known for its "best in breed" facial recognition technology.
Summary: ABU DHABI - As many as 61,000 people arriving in and departing from the country have undergone a facial recognition scan (FRS) since the system became operational in 2009, according to Captain Jamal Al Houssani, Head of the Technical Affairs Division at the General Secretariat of the Minister of Interior's office.
FACIAL recognition software has been kicking around for decades, but are we getting to the point where it can be more widely adopted by businesses?