facial recognition

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biometric identification by scanning a person's face and matching it against a library of known faces

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The chief executive of SenseTime, which has contracts with the Police Department in Chongqing and China Mobile, told The Financial Times in January that company had "processed 500 million identities for facial recognition. US companies can't test on so many customers."
The company's concerns around facial recognition were heightened
Leveraging Gemalto's facial biometric authentication solution - Mobile Protector- DNP has started to offer facial recognition to secure access to its mobile banking apps.
Additionally, aside from being portable, another difference between these devices and typical facial recognition systems is that the database used for comparing images is contained in a hand-held device rather than the cloud.
The new facial recognition technology, which is the latest authentication standards to login to smartphone devices and subsequently the applications, would add further security and convenience for the increasing number of QIB mobile app registered customers.
BEIRUT: Iris and facial recognition technology is being rolled out to enhance cash assistance e-cards for the poorest refugees and host communities in Lebanon as a means of validating beneficiary ID's, the U.N.
His innovative new facial recognition system is based on a dot-based grid design used to recognize human faces that not only decreases chances of error, but also completely does away with health risks that previous facial recognition systems posed.
A facial recognition system scans the user's face and detects typical features independent of facial expressions.
The national police database, accessible by forces across the country, has more than 19 million "custody images" of people who have come into contact with police - and millions of these have also been added to a gallery allowing them to be used by facial recognition software.
Jointly developed by the Cloudwalk company under the Chongqing Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the new type of polygraph was introduced earlier this week, after the release of the facial recognition system at the beginning of this month.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-August 25, 2015-NEC's NeoFace facial recognition software deployed by Arizona Department of Transportation
The Metropolitan Police Commissioner said cameras should be installed at eye level to exploit advances in facial recognition technology.
Artec Group, a 3-D camera tech company founded in the valley by Russian engineers, has created facial recognition software that Sochi officials are using to improve airport security during the games, which have been threatened by terrorist attacks.
Panasonic has unveiled its facial recognition system that can identify the 'face in the crowd' based on pictures stored in databases.
IN JUNE, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine quietly integrated facial recognition software into a state database that includes driver's license photos.