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the ratio (in percent) of the maximum width to the maximum height of the face

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Transverse craniofacial index and facial index was found to be higher in speech and hearing impaired male and female children.
Length height index, nasal index and facial index showed a significant increase in value among the speech and hearing impaired children than in control group.
Study of relationship between facial index and gestational age in normal newborns.
Figure 1 shows the facial biotype hypothesized model used to test predictor variables (masticatory force, transverse measurements of dental arches, and facial index with N-Gn and rZ-lZ measurements) and their ability to explain the proposed facial biotype model.
Masticatory force = force of incisors area + right premolar force + right molar force + left premolar force + left molar force + facial index.
TFI--Total facial index, respectively the relation of the morphological height of the face to its maximum breadth (between zygomatic prominences) was calculated according to the formulae:
As Staum is careful to show, the very notion of a facial index is itself a fantasy.
That explains why his smile -- as it must be -- is both sweet and rather creepy, the facial index of a state of grace that we know to be a lie.
The PPF volume may be influenced by different factors, resulting in variations in anthropometric facial index (Adak, 2004; Bharati et al.