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They also explored the language of mudra (hand gesture) and rasa (emotion expressed by facial gesture) while at the same time learning about the theatrical performance of India's most important religious stories."
Posture and facial gesture imply a layered interiority, acts of reflection flashing across the surface of troubled depths.
What prevents the epistolary discourse from becoming tiresome and repetitive is how Taylor and McGonigle will use a facial gesture, or a telling hesitation, to impart a reaction to the contents of a letter.
This is what makes Jan morbidly fascinating - every hostile nuance, smirk or despairing facial gesture just passes her by.
And every animal's facial gestures were indiscernible.
We don't have the advantage of facial gestures and body language, or even tone of voice, to modify or convey the full meaning of the message.
But when I could not afford it, I made sure that I take the lowest to fit high; you know the game,' she said, as she made facial gestures and threw her hands into the air to depict what she meant to the excited crowd.
While news reports have described the woman as comatose, an attorney representing her family told The Arizona Republic that she has "significant intellectual disabilities" but is capable of some limited movement, such as facial gestures. The bottom line: She was unable to defend herself or report the abuse, and center staff had not known she was pregnant until the moment she gave birth.
The title uses the facial gestures from Apple on the new devices that support it, but you can still use the one tap interface.
For Tony, the years meant a second chance to animate Jack-Jack, to improve his facial gestures and give him some powers that weren't technically possible 14 years ago.
And looks like they took a page straight out of Apple's playbook this time around: one feature similar to the Animoji found on the iPhone X, AR Emoji, is on the new devices, which captures facial gestures and mimics them into emojis, which users, in turn to customise, from hair to outfits.
This proposal is in line with theoretical accounts suggesting a strong canalization during development of brain circuits and related learning processes to sustain the link between infant motor facial gestures and perception of others' facial expressions [39, 40].
Facial gestures and lips provide a lot of information, so speech can be more easily understood when looking directly at the speaker.
Or accessibility-geared interfaces powered by facial gestures. (One iOS developer we spoke to, James Thomson - maker of calculator app PCalc - said heAaAaAeA{Es curious AaAaAeA{AaAaAeA wheth could use the face tracking as an accessibility tool, for people who might not have good (or no) motor control, as an alternative control methodAaAaAeA{AaAaAeAo, for examp
Unlike many current VR technologies, which use cameras to track facial gestures, MASK uses electrical impulses from the brain and facial muscles to show your "virtual reflection," Tadi said.