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Working with infant rhesus monkeys, the NIH researchers, the University of Parma in Italy, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, found that oxytocin increased two facial gestures associated with social interactions- one used by the monkeys themselves in certain social situations, the other in imitation of their human caregivers.
Comland's software for facial gesture recognition can now be included in any mobile application (Android, iOS and all other) that strives for a new level of user engagement.
Posture and facial gesture imply a layered interiority, acts of reflection flashing across the surface of troubled depths.
This is what makes Jan morbidly fascinating - every hostile nuance, smirk or despairing facial gesture just passes her by.
What prevents the epistolary discourse from becoming tiresome and repetitive is how Taylor and McGonigle will use a facial gesture, or a telling hesitation, to impart a reaction to the contents of a letter.
Zychowicz expresses the Pope's warmth through his inviting arms and facial gesture.
In addition, Adobe is unveiling Candy, a new mobile app that will reinvent the color workflow for editors and Adobe Character Animator, a new professional-quality animation tool that brings characters to life using a webcam, microphone and facial gestures.
Her emotional ability as an actress seems to be there, yet it gets translated into squished and unusual facial gestures.
And the Boxing Day fallout was even better, with Timothy West's facial gestures, as Stan processed all the info, worth the entrance fee alone.
But here the actress's fiery persona has been diffused in the transfer from film to digital video and muted via the editing-out of footage in which she speaks, leaving her to communicate only through decontextualized bodily and facial gestures that appear to be decelerated.
Harris is magnetic as the professor because he has the hard-hearted facial gestures needed to reinforce his authority.
Because people who are blind cannot observe hand or facial gestures, they may not be able to interpret the emotional content of utterances.
Facial gestures in this performance are too broad and obvious for close DVD viewing, but I guess they worked perfectly at Glyndebourne (especially to a well-oiled audience).
Hence, computers should interpret hand, body, and facial gestures, human speech, eye gaze, etc.