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the feelings expressed on a person's face

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These groups were compared in recognition of facial expression of emotions and attribution of emotions to neutral faces by means of unpaired t tests.
In this paper, we review the current literature on facial expression function and modulation in mammalian species, and discuss potential applications to the empirical determination of welfare.
Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox (CERT) is a tool to distinguish between real and posed facial expression (Bartlett et al.
KFC's restaurant ordering kiosks, which are powered by Baidu's tech, will look at the customer's age, gender and facial expressions to guess what the might be in the mood for.
There are only two colours, vivid green and orange, and just enough facial expression to convey the message--yet these carrots and peas are surprisingly expressive
Facial Expression Recognition: Selected Works of Andy Young
Researchers have identified a single, universal facial expression that is interpreted across many cultures as the embodiment of negative emotion.
Martinez said that he and his team were able to create a machine learning algorithm that uses this brain activity to identify what facial expression a person is looking at based solely on the fMRI signal.
According to Albert Mehrabian's 7%-38%-55% rule, facial expression is an important mean of detecting emotions [6].
The perceptual advantage of facial and emotional stimuli placed on the left side of the observer has been thoroughly investigated in humans and other primates and has been interpreted as evidence of right-hemisphere dominance in the perception of facial expression of emotions.
For example, if a person classified a dog as showing happiness, she might say that the dog's facial expression, ear set, and wagging tail were important features that conveyed this state to her.
Martinez said that while researching he found that six was a really small number for emotions, so they divided this theory into compound facial expression and found that people display different faces when happily surprised or angrily surprised.
After listening to each dialogue, the participants were asked a question about the intention, feeling, emotion, or attitude of the speaker who performed a specific gesture or facial expression.
Human interactions, in addition to language, facial expression is a very important means of communication.