facial expression

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the feelings expressed on a person's face

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"About 20 to 30 percent of the time, people make the expected facial expression," such as smiling when happy, said Lisa Feldman Barrett, a professor of psychology at Northeastern University, who worked on the review.
"It's hard enough for humans--and even harder for robots--to figure out what someone feels based solely on their facial expressions or body language.
Keywords: monogenic binary coding, facial expression recognition, local features, Japanese female facial expression
Many researches related to facial expression analysis and recognition have been conducted in the field of computer vision for the past two decades [8-15].
"Happiness acts as a social glue and needs the complexity of different facial expressions; disgust is just that: disgust," Martinez said.
This means the facial expression could be the trigger of the different effects.
Similarly, in Korea Park,Oh, Kim, Lee, Lee, Kim et.al.(2011) also developed a standardized tool based on Korean population- Korean Facial Expression of Emotion (KOFEE) where researchers obtained facial expressions of fifteen actors.
The Sky News presenter compared the Falklands War hero with a woman who obscures her face with a veil, asking Tory MP Andrew Bridgen whether he would be "offended" if he could not read Mr Weston's facial expression.
Co-author and facial expression expert Professor Bridget Waller explains, "DogFACS captures movements from all the different muscles in the canine face, many of which are capable of producing very subtle and brief facial movements.
Facial expression is also used in sign language to show adverbs and adjectives such as distance or size: an open mouth, squinted eyes, and tilted back head indicate something far while the mouth pulled to one side and the cheek held toward the shoulder indicate something close, and puffed cheeks mean very large.
In this paper, we review the current literature on facial expression function and modulation in mammalian species, and discuss potential applications to the empirical determination of welfare.
The efficiency of dynamic and static facial expression recognition.
Keywords: Deceptive Pain, Facial Expression Classification, Feature Extraction and Geometrical Features.