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Synonyms for facial

cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles

care for the face that usually involves cleansing and massage and the application of cosmetic creams

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They were at too great a distance for the Europeans to know whether their facial expressions portrayed pity or rage, but be that as it may, none offered to interfere.
It was indeed a twisted smile, for it was on the left side only, the facial muscles of the right side moving not at all.
He fell back on facial expression, to imply that he was interested and that she might tell all.
That unfortunate lady hereupon essaying to offer testimony, without any voice and with painful gestures expressive of an inflamed throat, became so aggravating and underwent so many facial contortions, that Mr.
The supra-orbital crest, the facial angle, the maxillary curve, the--"
The type of these people," said he in his sonorous fashion, "whether judged by cranial capacity, facial angle, or any other test, cannot be regarded as a low one; on the contrary, we must place it as considerably higher in the scale than many South American tribes which I can mention.
Deep lines appeared on his forehead; for it is an awful thing for a football enthusiast to be compelled to applaud, in the very middle of the Cup-ties, purely by means of facial expression.
Tarzan had seen the surprise caused by his notice, and while he could understand nothing of the spoken language of these strange people their gestures and facial expressions told him much.
I am not sure that the greatest man of his age, if ever that solitary superlative existed, could escape these unfavorable reflections of himself in various small mirrors; and even Milton, looking for his portrait in a spoon, must submit to have the facial angle of a bumpkin.
USPRwire, Mon Apr 10 2017] For overview analysis, the report introduces Facial Mask basic information including definition, classification, application, industry chain structure, industry overview, policy analysis, and news analysis, etc.
Facial nerve paralysis can occur due to infection, inflammation, trauma, surgery, and tumors.
The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone will utilize its facial recognition technology to assist with mobile payment processing, according to a report from (https://www.
Hereditary congenital facial palsy (HCFP) is a rare disorder.
During one of these surgeries, the facial nerve was injured at the internal auditory canal, resulting in right-sided facial paralysis.
NEW YORK--Antiaging skin care remains the largest segment of the facial skin care market, although its share of the category has been shrinking in recent years as sales revenues decline.
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