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The proceedings had not yet commenced; and as an inactive crowd is generally disposed to be jocose, this very innocent action was sufficient to awaken their facetiousness.
It is a relief, too, that the author keeps him from facetiousness'.
Facetiousness aside, what it does mean is that Scotland's chances of qualifying for a major tournament would be greatly boosted.
Mark Larabee summarizes the usual objections to "Freya": "Critics have found fault in, among other things, its uneven style, sentimentality, and moral simplicity Baines, for example, cites 'occasional lapses into facetiousness or heartiness,' its 'extreme romanticism,' and 'operatic form'....
I perhaps succumb to facetious grandiosity (or possibly grandiose facetiousness) with my casual use of the word 'mission', so please prepare yourself for a dose of bathos.
The narrator of the story, the boy Withers, knows "she was jeering" at his friend Seaton "but her face was adamant against the least flicker of sarcasm or facetiousness" (19).
One is aware of the mood and style in which one is expected to review the Travels, namely a corresponding mock-serious facetiousness. But this reviewer had wearied of such an attitude well before he got into Ibn Fudayl's adventures, with their schoolboy-humor references to a translator called du-Lavatoire, a publisher named Viagra, a scholar denominated R.
If facetiousness is Bernardo's idea of storytelling innovation, perhaps to prudently veer away from formula, it's best to spare yourself from this movie's kooky comedic proclivity and 'extreme' narrative persuasions.
Facetiousness aside, the desire of Arab readers such as Shidyaq, Badawi, and others who have taken up their claims, to envision Shakespeare as a transplanted Arab, or descendant of one, writing in English does stem to a great extent from the essential paradox of an English writer contributing to the definition of a non-English culture, especially with the British occupation of Egypt long after Shakespeare's time in mind.
What is more, interrogations of the "facetiousness" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (youhua) (5) that Lu Xun finds problematic in the Old Tales have animated much of the limited conversation on the work thus far, as in Cheng (2013) and Marston Anderson (1993).
Ten out of ten for facetiousness (not easy to say when you're perplexed).
Steering clear of framing gimmicks as well as the facetiousness of Arlequin, Selleque nevertheless kept a cheeky tone.
Upon Sam's violent death, Greenwood's narrator describes her intense sorrow and concludes by reproducing the poem that her brother wrote for her, "The Lament for the Cockerel." So readers will not miss the humor of the lament, Greenwood has the narrator introduce it with an acknowledgement of her brother's facetiousness: "This I then thought was a very affecting, sweet, and consoling poem, but I have since been inclined to think that my brother was making sport of me and my feelings all the time" (21).