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not seriously

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It contained a contribution to their board in the shape of a silver spoon and battered silver mug, which Jessie chose to facetiously consider as an affecting reminiscence of the youthful Kearney's christening days--which it probably was.
"What you doin here?" said Sambo, coming up to Tom, and poking him facetiously in the side.
He is facetiously understood to entertain a passion for a lady at a cigar-shop in the neighbourhood of Chancery Lane and for her sake to have broken off a contract with another lady, to whom he had been engaged some years.
Duncan growled, "Might have given him rum," facetiously.
Rendered additionally witty by this applause, Sir Mulberry Hawk leered upon his friends most facetiously, and led Kate downstairs with an air of familiarity, which roused in her gentle breast such burning indignation, as she felt it almost impossible to repress.
"Whether to catch the criminal or not?" I asked facetiously.
As there are no dromedaries at hand, the band facetiously plays "The Camels are coming." An enormous Egyptian head figures in the scene.
The petition facetiously reckons that purchasing Taiwan "instead of Greenland" would create a win-win situation.
US hospitals employ many Filipino nurses such that, in the 2017 70th Emmy Awards, host Michael Che, commenting about ethnic diversity in US television programs, facetiously said, "can you believe that they did 15 seasons of ER without one Filipino nurse?" The other host, Collin Jost, remarked, "that's crazy." Whereupon, Che, to amplify the ER's lack of verisimilitude, again queried: "Have you been to a hospital?"
However, he undermines his own case when he states facetiously "why not abolish elections and let Yvette Cooper and co rule the UK".
The building has facetiously been awarded "no points for ugly design", with other residents pointing out it looked like a house from the popular video game Minecraft.
It's basically a compilation of what users are generating, and trying to sort through that information?" Zofgren asked, facetiously.
"Somewhat facetiously, I often describe to others that I suffer from an inability to sit on my hands and stay quiet," English said.
By repeating stale, failed formulas of the ailing Cuban economy, such as the creation of the Ministry of Internal Trade, Maduro merely confirms what has been said, facetiously, is the definition of insanity.
So by the same token, it could be facetiously argued that Westminster and its bureaucrats, on the basis of such a dismal record, have no special interest in Wales.