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not seriously

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Duncan growled, "Might have given him rum," facetiously.
Rendered additionally witty by this applause, Sir Mulberry Hawk leered upon his friends most facetiously, and led Kate downstairs with an air of familiarity, which roused in her gentle breast such burning indignation, as she felt it almost impossible to repress.
As there are no dromedaries at hand, the band facetiously plays "The Camels are coming.
I once raised this matter with a former First Minister, who rather facetiously commented that improving road links between North and South was difficult because there were in his words "mountains in the way.
Tadeco] facetiously turned into a witch hunt,' he added.
For on this momentous day, Barbra Joan Streisand, a woman so legendary she requires no facetiously pithy introduction to any of my readership, will be 75 years old.
The acid-tongued queen proclaimed she was an equal opportunity offender - "I'm not a racist; I hate everybody" - and facetiously presented herself as "a modern day people's princess".
Some people have sort of facetiously offered that perhaps this is a Dyson sphere under construction: You're seeing lots of material getting built," Wright told (http://www.
Perhaps a better indicator -- he notes facetiously -- is the mainstream media, like when CNN.
When I asked him for an explanation, the Oracle from Orvieto, as he was facetiously called, said he'd prefer she spend her time signing studio checks than shopping on Rodeo Drive.
Which sport is sometimes facetiously described as 'aerial pingpong'?
Clr Sheard facetiously said it was all our fault for voting Conservative.
And she said, rather facetiously, 'Why don't you start a garden conservancy?
However, she was damaged more than other executives by leaked emails, which revealed she was struggling to find a new direction for the studio's "Spider-Man" franchise, second-guessing many of her own decisions, and facetiously speculated about whether President Obama prefers movies starring black actors.
I facetiously teach my residents that if something good happens in medicine, take credit for it, even if you had absolutely no influence over the outcome," Dr.