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Yet the faceted options are not consistently in the same location and certainly do not always contain the same fields and options.
"Obviously we are very keen to engage so that India and the USA which have a strategic partnership that is multi faceted in nature can work together on a series of issues," he added.
The aim of this paper is to analyze rater differences in the levels of severity/leniency they exercised using the Many Faceted Rasch Measurement Model (Linacre, 1989).
Faceted search is a natural extension to faceted browsing.
Faceted classification outlines facets as well as subfacets and facet values.
of Kentucky), who were members of the design team for FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) detail how to use the system, which reworks the Library of Congress Subject Headings so that they are easier to use, understand, and apply for a large volume of resources.
In the late 1970s, faceted search was available when a user queried a commercial database such as PROMT or Disclosure using a human-assigned tag in an index field.
Before any organization turns to faceted navigation as the path to user satisfaction, I would strongly recommend reading Faceted Search (http://thenoisychannel.com) by Daniel Tunkelang, formerly chief scientist of Endeca and now technical lead/manager at Google.
Faceted search, or guided navigation, has become the de facto standard for e-commerce and product-related Web sites, from big box stores to product review sites.
Several studies (Hearst, 2006; Venkatsubramanyan & Perez-Carballo, 2007), suggest that interfaces that present results organized into categories or faceted hierarchies meaningful to users may help them make sense of their information problem as well as the information system itself.
The 1.3 million-s/f project consists of two 48-story towers of faceted, multi-colored glass.
Next to these two elements was a third plastic element on the wall, another incongruous presence, a large, irregular volume, geometric and faceted, and divided into two elongated sections, upper and lower, with a small side "arm," the entire piece clad in a mirrored surface.
The natural product of such division is a faceted classification.
The facade is of large faceted panes of glass, following the curve of the street; 12mm toughened bronze anti-sun glass panels, 2m wide, are suspended from the roof by bolted clamping strips and stiffened by glass fins.