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Faceted navigation, whether during browsing or searching, typically refers to applying filters from the search results page.
Faceted search is a natural extension to faceted browsing.
Faceted classification outlines facets as well as subfacets and facet values.
Before any organization turns to faceted navigation as the path to user satisfaction, I would strongly recommend reading Faceted Search (http://thenoisychannel.
Faceted search lets users refine or navigate a collection of information by using a number of discrete attributes--the so-called facets.
The architecturally distinctive faceted glass towers that will grace the Hudson River skyline combine the most sophisticated elements of both sides of the river.
Faceted search enables dynamic filtering of search results by attributes.
By providing an environment of information discovery via faceted taxonomies and related-term reference, a user's experience with a site can be greatly improved in that they are now able to easily navigate down multiple paths, learning as they go.
This gem has been meticulously cut and faceted by famed master gemstone carver Dr.
You've likely heard the buzz by now: faceted navigation truly changes the ground rules for KM, and for the many related applications where users need to find information, ranging from subscription content services to directories.
Siderean Software, a pioneer in faceted navigation solutions, today announced the availability of Seamark Navigator 4.
Among the enhancements in this Fall release are faceted search, search engine optimization tools and new features that enable retailers to more effectively manage their assortment and market offers across multiple eCommerce sites.
We evaluated a number of search and information access solutions and none came close to offering our users and visitors the value that Seamark Navigator's faceted navigation offers.
Our technology goes in typically in a matter of hours -- at worst several days -- and begins offering users the benefits of faceted navigation immediately thereafter.