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Synonyms for facet

Synonyms for facet

the particular angle from which something is considered

Synonyms for facet

a distinct feature or element in a problem

a smooth surface (as of a bone or cut gemstone)

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The variations of the superior facets of the atlas, called the double condylar facet of the atlas by Saunders (1978:73), is described as "sometimes form[ing] two discrete facets ...
Facet Wealth provides comprehensive, transparent service at an affordable price to the mass affluent households that need it most.
The calcaneal articulating facets observed in Thai population were classified into 6 types as shown in Figure 1: Type I, tree facet are separated ; Type II (A), the anterior and middle facets are partially connected with predominant ridge; Type II (B), the anterior and middle facets are partially connected with slight ridge; Type III, the anterior and middle facets are fully fused to form a single facet; Type IV, the anterior and middle facets are partially separated by a ridge and partly by a groove; Type V, all facets are continuous fused to form a single facet.
KEYWORDS: Facet joint, Spinal stenosis, Radiculopathy, Triamcinolone.
Parker previously agreed to divest the global Facet filtration business under the Proposed Final Judgment filed by the US Department of Justice in the US District Court for the District of Delaware on December 18, 2017.
The stem attachment facet is smooth with a wide axial canal, with a diameter ca 2/3 of the facet diameter.
Maximum Transverse Diameter (width] of superior articular facet: Two points were taken, one on the medial limit of SAF and other on its lateral limit, then width was measured (in mm] perpendicular to the principal axis.
Thirty-six experts in personality research and psychometrics were asked to select the facet to which each item belonged.
A generic FacetJointModel model in the Anybody managed model repository (AMMR, version 1.6) of Anybody modeling system (Anybody modeling system version 6.0.6, Aalborg, Denmark) was applied to calculate the muscle activities, intradiscal forces, and facet forces.
The axial T2-weighted MR images were acquired at the level of facet joint for individual patient data.
As an initial investigation, the scattering from an individual 6[lambda] x 6[lambda] sea facet with a sinusoidal wave expression of [xi] = 0.015 cos(2[pi]x/[LAMBDA]) as shown in Figure 1 is calculated.
classified these into interspinous spacer, pedicle screw-based, and total facet joint replacement systems [9].
Some other researchers have reported the presence of "facet planes" on the fracture surfaces of samples tested under ultrasonic and conventional frequencies [9,10,11].
Among their topics are the integral point in a three-dimensional fundamental parallelepiped spanned by primitive vectors, exactly one facet contributes to s0 and this facet is a non-compact B1-facet, exactly two facets of gammaf contribute to s0 and both are non-compact B1-facets with respect to a same variable and have an edge in common, and several groups of B1-facets contribute to s0; every group is separately covered by one of the previous cases and the groups have pairwise at most one point in common.