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Synonyms for facet

Synonyms for facet

the particular angle from which something is considered

Synonyms for facet

a distinct feature or element in a problem

a smooth surface (as of a bone or cut gemstone)

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The Glyder Facet Restoration Device is intended to provide relief from lumbar facet pain, restoring facet joint function while preserving native anatomy.
Treatment of unilateral facet joint injuries depends on the degree of bony, ligamentous and cord involvement as well as spinal stability and may be non-operative for simple stable unilateral facet dislocation, as in our patient, (immobilization or closed reduction) or surgical (failed conservative measures, persistent instability, signs of middle column disruption at the outset, cord injury or epidural haematoma requiring surgical decompression).
Referring to the above example, the indexer can tell if a proceeding document contains an article including the term "Web" in the article title when the facet is selected.
A simplified model for facet analysis: Ranganathan 101.
The automated routines were then applied to all rural coastal catchments in the State of NSW to derive soil landscape facets and then ultimately calculate soil landscape constraint scores at the facet level.
A beautifully faceted diamond may be forever, but there are many types of facets in crystals that, until now, seemed to be never.
Steve Lukinuk, owner of the Thunder Bay Amethyst Mine Panorama and The Amethyst Factory Center, recalls that it took about eight years to learn to facet and produce quality jewelry.
Under the terms of the agreement, Abbott will commence a tender offer to purchase all outstanding shares of Facet Biotech shares for $27 per share in cash.
The Glyder Facet Restoration Device is a minimally invasive solution intended to restore facet joint function in patients with chronic lumbar facetogenic pain.
Food and Drug Administration for its Zygafix facet fusion system.
Biogen's Bid for Facet Fails to Win Investor Support.
today announced the first human use of its facet replacement technology to complement an artificial disc.
Such optical equipment could allow each lens of the parasite's eye to see what the researchers call a chunk of an image instead of just the pinpoint processed by the facet of a typical compound eye.
NEW YORK -- Levi & Korsinsky is investigating the Board of Directors of Facet Biotech Corporation ("Facet Biotech" or the "Company") (NasdaqGM: FACT) for possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of state law in connection with their attempt to sell the Company to Abbott Laboratories ("Abbott") (NYSE: ABT).