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Synonyms for face-to-face

in each other's presence

Related Words

directly facing each other


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Online and face-to-face teaching methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.
83% of virtual-event participants report they had no prior intent to attend the face-to-face event that the virtual event was recreated from;
The young population loved it," he said in a face-to-face interview.
Shannon Rauch and colleagues, Benedictine University at Mesa, AZ and Providence College, RI, evaluated the study participants for their level of social anxiety and then exposed each of them to a person via Facebook, a face-to-face encounter, or both.
Although face-to-face interviews are widely used to collect data on sexual behavior, especially in populations with low literacy, the method is subject to social desirability bias--respondents may underreport socially proscribed behaviors or overreport those that are socially approved.
The global research report, titled 'Business Meetings in a Modern World,' surveyed more than 2,000 businessmen and women across the UAE, US, UK, China and India, to better understand how business professionals are using both virtual and face-to-face meetings and the possible economic impact.
This is where online networking has the edge over face-to-face networking.
The study shows that 87 percent of professionals think that face-to-face meetings are essential for sealing a business deal, while 95 percent said they are the key to successful, long-lasting business relationships.
The airline will fly 250 small business owners and entrepreneurs to London and points beyond as a part of the airline's Face-to-Face campaign.
uk found that 50% of respondents have found face-to-face contact with others difficult.
The results support an academic paper commissioned by Hilton entitled 'Why Face-to-Face Business Meetings Matter' published by Professor Richard D Arvey, PhD, head of the department of management and organisation at the National University of Singapore.
The results showed that daily weighing was effective for maintaining reduced weight only when it was combined with an active counseling program, either through the Internet or in regular face-to-face group sessions.
The results of the study showed that online classes generated more interaction and discussion than traditional face-to-face classes and upper level classes produced more discussion and interaction than lower level classes.
According to the company, Zoodango combines online and face-to-face elements of creating business connections.
One of the intervention groups had face-to-face group meetings, while members of the other got their advice via an online program (once a week for the first month and once a month for the rest of the study).