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Synonyms for face-off

a face-to-face, usually hostile meeting

Synonyms for face-off

a hostile disagreement face-to-face

(ice hockey) the method of starting play

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Last year, a face-off situation triggered in the Doklam region between Indian and Chinese troops that was later resolved following diplomatic discussions between both the nations.
The Dance Face-Off at Bawadi Mall will be held from December 25-30 with two international teams competing for the trophy.
Daura, Dauda and Magu had appeared before the Senate committee, headed by Senator Francis Alimikhena, over the circumstances surrounding the November 21 face-off involving the three agencies in Abuja.
This week is face-off and we are against Lindsay and Calvin," Terra said in the video.
The coaching team have also singled out winning more face offs as an area for improvement after being put under pressure too many times by Whitley Bay last weekend and lost crucial face-offs in the defensive zone.
Canadians Steve King, Brian Parker, Craig Shostak and Kelly Hughes are hoping for an informal get together with Devils supporters around two hours before face-off.
NEW DELHI, July 26 (KUNA) -- In the backdrop of recent border flare-ups, Indian Defence minister AK Antony on Friday said that there exist some "disputed points" along the boundary between India and China which have caused "embarrassing" face-offs between the two armies in the area.
While the library community was interested in the face-off, the executive teams at EBSCO Publishing and ProQuest considered this to be a very big deal, judging from the top company brass supporting this library event.
Live & exclusive broadcast on ART Prime Sport & ART Sport of the tournament being held in Spain from July 24 to August 2 Football enthusiasts in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region have a rare treat in store for them when Al Ittihad, the highly popular Premier League champions of Saudi Arabian football, face-off against European giants Real Madrid at 20.
When we played them previously, their face-off man won 90 percent of the face-offs.
When the press conference was over and the two men staged the traditional face-off for the cameras, Hopkins, 43, repeatedly told undefeated super-middleweight champion Calzaghe: "You better be willing to die.
Croc hunter Steve Irwin's antics with his infant and a crocodile came under fire, as did a new show, ``Animal Face-Off,'' which essentially pits sundry animatronic animals against one another in a cage match to the death - think cockfighting touted as an educational experience and you'll get the idea.
After all, it is not every day that a 76-year-old constitutional monarch is called upon to take part in a face-off, albeit a ceremonial face-off.
In the following decades of the Cold War, the face-off of October 1962 remained the closest the world ever came to nuclear war.
Face-Off Camo, LLC, recently introduced an innovative camo product called "Face-Off.