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Synonyms for face-lift

Synonyms for face-lift

perform cosmetic surgery on someone's face


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These are who the best candidates are: people who have early signs of aging, don't want a lot of down time, don't need or want a face-lift,'' said Dr.
Gorman, an orthopedic acupuncturist by training, has spent six years studying the subject of face-lift fields for a doctoral dissertation, which is now under review and will be the first book instructing other practitioners in the technique.
This is just messing with nature but the nonsurgical face-lift is just like going to the gym, the only difference being it is a work out for your face, rather than your body.
Incest dogs the face-lift because of the confusion of generations, mothers looking just like their daughters, as they so proudly boast on returning from their surgeries and spas.
The scars that a face-lift removes," says Doniger, "are the body's memory, in a form visible to others, of what the mind may have forgotten.
Undermining the continuity of the sexual stages from puberty to senescence, face-lifts destabilize sex, and identity.
Rooted in crude materialism, the face-lift rebels against crude materialism, prodding the "merely" physical into subservience.
Breast reductions and enlargements and face-lifts were the most common operations, but all depended on what material was available to do them.
Men in their 40s are most likely to go for Botox, chin and face-lifts and breast reductions.
That's what California plastic surgeons and dermatologists may be asking patients if state tax officials decide that breast implants, face-lifts and other FDA-approved cosmetic enhancements should be levied the same sales tax as other goods.
We both opted for full face-lifts and eye-bag removal surgery.
SURGEONS are offering "voice-lifts" for customers who want to sound as young as their face-lifts make them look.
This event "Liquid Face-Lift Fridays" will take place 9am-6:30pm on Friday July 27, 2012 at the office of Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center in Orlando, FL.
While a surgical face-lift may be the right choice for someone who has extensive wrinkling and sagging, laser treatments are a better option for those whose skins are relatively healthy.