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Synonyms for face-lift

Synonyms for face-lift

perform cosmetic surgery on someone's face


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The most common procedures were "tummy tuck" (abdominoplasty), breast-lift (mastopexy), and face-lift.
When the scarring I wasn't satisfied face-lift tight enough, went back another had healed, I was so thrilled with how I looked that I ditched the three wedding dresses I'd bought and went for something more glam.
A phase III clinical study presented earlier this year assessed the safety and efficacy of ARTISS for face-lift surgery in 75 patients, comparing the total drainage volume for each side of the face at 24 hours following surgery.
This is just messing with nature but the nonsurgical face-lift is just like going to the gym, the only difference being it is a work out for your face, rather than your body.
Days later the Kennel Club received an anonymous tip-off alleging that the three-year-old dog had undergone a secret face-lift.
The next most popular elective cosmetic procedures performed last year included blepharoplasty (465,177 operations), breast augmentation (288,044), and face-lift (244,370).
Prairie View gets a face-lift with help from Metters Industries CEO
Hire an expert who will not just perform a face-lift, but bring employees and franchise owners nationwide into a new age through a combination of checks and balances geared toward changing the very culture of the organization.
The research found that voice-controlled robotic arms were useful in eight of the nine different surgical procedures studied, including endoscopic brow and face-lift (facial procedures using an endoscope, a special viewing instrument that allows a surgeon to see images of the body's internal structures through tiny incisions); open brow and face-lift; endoscopic breast augmentation; open breast augmentation; and general surgical assistance.
The face-lift myths, like contemporary accounts of cosmetic surgery, "frequently express the desire to have not just any face but one's own face as it once was in the past--to masquerade as one's younger self, as it were," Doniger says.
Moral issues raised by an alleged campus date rape are dramatized in Robert Brustein's "The Face-Lift," which will be given its premiere during the 2000-01 season of Brustein's American Repertory Theater, its 22nd, at Harvard's Loeb Drama Center in Cambridge, Mass.
Simultaneously, at Pratteln, ten minutes outside Basel, a roadside restaurant and service area will get a face-lift courtesy of the artist.
One owner, a 28-year-old vet from Staffordshire, described the face-lift as "very futuristic", and thought it was reminiscent of the hugely-popular 206 currently being built at Ryton-on-Dunsmore.
What the face-lift shows is that although the car is well sorted and deserving of the title of The Best Korean Car Ever Made, Hyundai are not going to rest on their laurels.
2-million face-lift prompts a controversy involving both gays and straights.